Li Dong when a month make love Shanghai second blog

external work continues, and the construction of the blog itself can not fall. Every evening I’m at around 9 for the blog to write an article, and it is not small, generally in more than 1200 words, of course, is completely original. So the inside and outside, about 10 days or so, my blog has been included in Shanghai love. After being included on the love of Shanghai, "

blog on the line, should be the first to do the basic work site optimization, generally including the page title, description settings (keywords, whether it can be) within the page keyword layout, < H1 > label use, breadcrumb navigation, as well as some irrelevant links to add the nofollow attribute. Site map plugin to the early set, where the template can delete useless. This is all the details of the problems, the mainstream blog program on these details do not perfect, we need to change yourself. At the same time as much as possible to add some blog content, let the blog look full point, of course, is their original content as far as possible.

After the

Li Dong’s blog is launched in March 5th, now just over a month. First blog collection is also very not ideal, to each week love Shanghai update will be collected some articles. But in April a blog has achieved day blog, a few minutes to be included in Shanghai love and can love Shanghai to search, also is the basic of the "second". I have some work this month on the blog do share out here, hope that we can find some useful things from.

we publish on its website in the article, always hope it can be included in love Shanghai as quickly as possible. In general the article can be included on the day, it is good. And the best thing is to love Shanghai, the "second", released that article, one or two minutes is love Shanghai included. In order to reach the second, require the site has a certain weight, otherwise love Shanghai certainly not so in your face.

Before the

blog on the line, put some articles prepared in advance, timely release to the various forums, articles with a text blog rather than anchor link (such as 贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝). At the same time in the next few days, to the A5 website submission, the same is the use of soft chain increases for the blog, but contribute to the natural quality of certain requirements, need to be carefully written. Perhaps it was his hard enough, maybe the love of Shanghai to review the new efforts, in the first few days of my blog has not been included in the Shanghai love. As long as it is not included, try not to the site to do the anchor link, but simply add pure text outside the chain. In addition to the article, some high power forum such as A5 forum, their signature can also use some, although the forum signature is not the weight, but the quantity is considerable, to lead a spider or effect.

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