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wrote several union comments, but found that the comment is not in place, the next time to write comments will give an alliance to two examples to illustrate how to match specific advertising and website to provide more favorable help for the majority of members. Please continue to pay attention to this blog,

how to pay for the main site is always most concerned about? Because the sweat finally earned 100 yuan, hit the bank account which is their own money, ha ha. Linktech full payment of one hundred yuan, every Monday, two may apply, but each month to allow the payment time, now is like this, such as the time of payment please to the official for change. Check out multiple pages of the league and find no evidence of cheating. If the alliance is sure you’ve cheated, it’s certain that you won’t pay for it.


since 2008, many Chinese funds have started

China’s GP currently lacks professional ethics,

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investment institutions are divided into fundraising and investment, management and exit the four part, but at present, most of the investment institutions only investment ability, money is from us or other institutions to raise, management and exit, we contacted with many GP said, hope that our listed companies can offer, or management so, can coordinate with many of our business, then this is equivalent to our company management and exit financing is we to solve, if you simply have the ability to invest, why do we want to cooperate with you and

then why don’t I choose to do LP? I would like to have the following considerations, of course, also discuss and exchange with you, let me further revise my view:

I understand this industry, many fund partner even led us to take the lead big investment rebate, which is equivalent to LP money disguised into GP Note: General Partner, general partner, fund managers pockets with money, the taste almost.

although I did not personally invest, but with dozens of people, even hundreds of people in the process of communication, including through my own study found that most of the risk investment fund management ability worrying.

we are doing business, entrepreneurship is not easy, along the way, including listing has experienced a lot of hardships, every penny when it comes to hard won, but many fund partners are not like this.

alliance CPA business generally maintained at more than ten kinds, engage in Wangzhuan are clearly belong to the CPA business website and advertising content, accurate task, even if the site traffic is relatively small, as long as the ads, and will continue to generate significant advertising. The products involved include education, training, financial management, network investigation, entertainment and so on. They are suitable for English learning websites, investment and financing websites, and some game forums can also be considered.

tiger sniffing is very popular +PE model of Listed Companies in the capital market, it is the love in the second point of view, if the GP only has investment ability, does not have the ability to manage and exit, why the boss company to cooperate with you and

linktech alliance main CPS business and CPA business, CPS business is very extensive, and the famous dangdang joyo in the alliance network marketing activities, product category is also very rich such as medicine, cosmetics, books, digital, home appliances, air tickets, Adult supplies etc.. If the site itself has a certain flow, you can choose linktech CPS business.

speaking of linktech network marketing alliance, some novice is not so clear, because this alliance is a professional advertising alliance, unlike some large union search engine or portal website support. Bloggers have done this alliance, as long as the promotion of success, hair money is still very timely, the credibility is guaranteed. Collar unique South Korean background, is said to be in South Korea alliance marketing ranked first, has 6 years of service in international major customers, professional and rich experience.


therefore, managing their money and not feel a sense of awe, this is the most I feel fear and worry, just like their money pennies, but others just spend the same money, luxury office, each investment manager of hundreds of thousands of millions, Chinese the conduct and occupation moral majority GP let me don’t give money to other people.

this alliance also opens website advocate register and advertisement advocate register, two respects join in, the condition is very loose. The main site to fill in the user information, contact information, bank account, click on the completed consent alliance advertising rules, the registration is successful; advertisers need to fill out the person in charge of information, company information, website information can be successfully registered. This alliance does not provide CPC business, that is to say, you can’t buy traffic in this alliance.

, many entrepreneurs around me who do LP are fooled by many GP

A as a market value of tens of billions of shares on the main board of the listed companies, the performance of our company is stable, there are billions of accounts of the funds, each year, of course, is the money to attract a lot of investment partners over, since the second half of last year, lobbying we do LP Note: Limited Partner, a limited partner, investor. Not a few people, about the problem of investment, I want to for a long time, but the final decision is the establishment of the company investment department, to do their own.

GP tube, ability to retire worrying


the Wangzhuan training egship first, please keep your

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