The four plans for future development of the Shanghai Dragon

: I think now the Shanghai dragon has come of age. Due to the rapid development of the situation in Shanghai and Phoenix, thousands on thousands of webmaster attention, Shanghai dragon in this industry has been widely recognized, and shortly before the intervention to the institutions of the state have been in this industry, the first batch of Shanghai Longfeng certificate has been awarded out, what does this mean? That country to regulate the industry, it also illustrates the the development of this industry will continue the good.

since the concept of Shanghai dragon was introduced into China, just a few years has been the development of it is booming. Shanghai dragon Er is also a year growth. All sectors have been the impact of Shanghai dragon, now the concept of Shanghai dragon has a certain degree of understanding of the Shanghai dragon industry also has a certain degree of attention. As the author himself is the one of the thousands on thousands of Shanghai Longfeng er. According to several years of industry experience and understanding of Shanghai, Shanghai and Shanghai dragon race dragon and Phoenix, want to simply talk about their future imagination of Shanghai dragon.

third: user preferences will determine the site’s ranking to a great extent. Personally think that this is an inevitable trend, the experience will bring certain impact to Shanghai dragon and influence future personalized search. For example, users think your site is good, he will choose, also can add bookmarks, and recommend it to others, the more people, the more people recommend, then the search engine will think your site is love, love the user website search engine will not turn away, this point I’m sure.

fourth: Shanghai dragon industry will fine differentiation. Think carefully, now a lot of Shanghai Longfeng services company, when several business less people can work, but such a list increases, it must hire hands, but no one can guarantee that every month has plenty of list to maintain the company’s business development, so, when the amount of the list the remaining human is a great burden. So in the Shanghai dragon provide services based on the industry, there is a certain bottleneck. Shanghai Longfeng subdivision is a fantasy I, you can in a certain area is very prominent, for example, you are the expert, you are the expert in the research field of keywords, website structure optimization is your expert > website user experience

second: Shanghai dragon together with the search engine to keep pace with the times. As everyone knows, Shanghai dragon is attached to the search engine and the search engine did not exist, what about the Shanghai dragon? Shanghai dragon do is search engine promotion website. However, as we all know, the search engine algorithm is constantly updated, because of his development to cater to the user’s browsing search habits and preferences, the relationship between users and search engines like water and fish, not the user, then the search engine will fall. Since the search engine algorithm change constantly in order to cater to the needs of users, so we do Shanghai dragon will continuously follow up search engine changes, so as to keep pace.

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