Shanghai love must not be let down repeated correction

H1 before the words "Taobao Liebo clothing, Liebo Taobao flagship store", in order to make the site more precise positioning and highlight the key words, a few days ago I changed to "Liebo clothing, Liebo flagship store, Liebo Taobao store". Many webmaster know to modify the site title will cause the site into the observation period and the snapshot, and the H1 tag is an important label behind title, thus modify the H1 tag should also be cautious.

three, the website chain explosion explosion


love Shanghai snapshot besides the search engine itself, more from the site, which is the search engine on the site issued a warning, if not addressed in this period, will evolve into a website right down and K station, a station I recently encountered such a situation, the station has been in operation for 6 more than a month, several target keywords stable at between 3-20, strictly speaking this station in Shanghai love there is a certain weight. In August 31st the first snapshot, fall to August 24th, into August 28th, the correction period, keywords ranking has remained stable. Last night, Shanghai love big update, I think that the love of Shanghai observed a week or so, snapshot phenomenon will be addressed in this update, but unexpectedly, this morning a snapshot should fall to August 16th, and all the keywords all "diving", the top 100 can not find. It wouldn’t be serious, the site has been seriously down right. The following is today’s update:

face snapshot and website drop right, believe that every webmaster mood is heavy, but the root of every right to be reduced and snapshot site problems are not exactly the same. Liebo fan site snapshot is not the website space has been stable It is without rhyme or reason., recently, the main problems in the change, the chain lost a large number of these two aspects on the site layout, and these two aspects are closely related and I, the following will give you a detailed analysis of the 2 aspects of the recent changes, we hope that in time read this article to learn lessons I can through this article to learn more about love in Shanghai:

The last time the

two, website layout changes

H1, a label change

after modifying the fault site H1 label, I will be a located at the bottom of the page JS code to the page with the upper, this is a commodity code, and a new flash page Jump in JS code. The next stage of love of spiders in Shanghai still can not identify the content inside the flash, also does not recognize the JS code recognition, exclude the possibility of cookie, if the right reason appeared in this link, that should be a JS code position caused by the move.

more than 10 days ago a webmaster exchange Links, I carefully check the links total. I think the station link risk >


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