The enterprise website optimization Shanghai dragon writing practical tutorial

Optimization of

The optimization of 2, the title of digital

title is a most important part of the article page, a good title is directly related to this article hits. The enterprise website title can resonate with the user needs to seize the psychological needs of colleagues also want to pay attention to the layout of the keywords in the writing process, and consider user search habits. Someone summed up the specific methods:

2, the middle of the article content optimization: the middle is in addition to other end outside of the paragraph referred to the (I invented). This work is not much, the title of the long tail keywords and long tail word appears more than 3 times on it (of course, the specific times to see the length of control, here in accordance with the 1K word article is).


1, focusing on special words. For example: how to, free, complete, official, whether internal, detailed, (real) etc.. Such words can be user interest.

pages, is being written off topic, but I found that writing this article online mostly copy and paste, or shallow talk, or engage in the theory of confused and disoriented, not a real operation. Today I will summarize some experience, combined with some of their own writing, or that sentence: with a brick brick, knife knife, brother bear.

1, first section optimization: the first paragraph of text in general are original, and the first paragraph of the first sentence and repeat the title of the long tail, bold. In order not to be judged as search engine optimization over we will need the title of the long tail word dilution, also is the long tail of the long tail, the word combination, the reasonable distribution of content (note that the statement is smooth, reasonable density).

Optimization of

4, the long tail keywords layout. This is the largest online writing, everyone wrote I do not say more, lest produce waste to the Internet, specifically we ask Baidu, I mention only one point, the article only the layout of a long tail keywords.

Optimization of

. For example: let you become the master of XXX, Shanghai dragon website traffic doubled XX, etc.. This title writing, adding more clear precise digital user at.

3, with fewer statements, give the user a question. This not for example, we all know, a title if you do statement, and is not a hot topic. There are few people interested, but if you turn it into question is different, because a person from the way of thinking is to solve the problem, when to see a problem (for example 1+1=?) will go to search the answer of his own mind conscious brain, if found, will naturally lead to curiosity, thus greatly increasing the title of the hit probability.

The use of

article writingThe

text mainly involves a keyword layout, and the dilution of the keywords.

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