Qualified entry of the electricity supplier must understand these see immediately start operation


do not speak directly to the actual operation, any novice can play, you can immediately operate.

a good product to determine all the problems

value pack

has a product, but want to sell the product at a good price, this is a big problem, so we have to pack it.

first you have to know their products, and can say a few other shops did not say the characteristics of. Then go to the icing on the cake products in the case of zero cost.

said a case: "just started doing WeChat marketing, one of my disciples to sell mobile phones, but particularly difficult to sell. He suddenly thought of a coup, WeChat spent 2000 yuan for someone to develop a mobile phone version of the APP open and the mass, and then install to his mobile phone to mobile phone, price 3 times the price, sales of 12 thousand units."

he’s just looking for a mobile phone on the icing on the cake, user groups, hard to achieve the purpose of deep research into. Of course, there are a lot of people in this way to sell mobile phones, but at that time he was the first.

so, we must grasp the front of the product, a good grasp of the resources you play out, even if the two together can also sell products, as long as you have not the same place and other people, users are willing to pay.

product value packaging is very important.

I know you do, but I just don’t do it right.

shape packaging

wants to enhance the value of the product, the shape is one of the success.

first of all, what is your product, you use what type of packaging to combine it to packaging. Do not sell the women’s clothing, with a special old packaging to do so that your quality is good, in fact, the price has been reduced.

to do: product tight package, product packaging box sophisticated high-end (appropriate), the shape of the design pattern is obvious and strange, second into the outer packaging, that is, you have to give the courier when. This package you want to do, packing out no one knows what this is.

learn a lot and good competitors, so that you will be promoted very quickly. But remember, don’t copy.

finished finished

packaging success, until the product packaging every detail, including external details, we must carefully packaging.

each product should be checked several times, and then do the packaging. If the product type is more, you can buy a blackboard hanging in front of the moment to remind you of what you need to add what each package, the habit must be done, very good.

two start planning marketing programs

products want to pack into what kind, must have a detailed plan, as well as to the big

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