The rapid increase in the number of small external links

five, find some weight of the forum, these forums some special advertisement plate, in the external links you generally do not delete, such as I in connection with external links to the A5 exchange area are second hand, and never to delete.

in the forum account in the signature with a link to your site, how to grab the sofa, if allow links in the evaluation of above words can choose to leave a.

two, now some blog site supports synchronization, for example I burn nets, in the above registration in the article only need a verification after every day you write articles can be automatically synchronized to I burn nets, and external links to your site, can be said to be simple.

four, in some link exchange platform release link to your site, this is very tiring, but the link to long-term preservation.

three, in Shanghai SOSO know and ask answer when leaving the website links, every day in the love of Shanghai SOSO know and ask for 5, 6, also some people will gather these things, but can not guarantee that you are collected after the connection has been saved in the.

nine, if we can’t edit it in the Interactive Encyclopedia, love Shanghai encyclopedia, SOSO encyclopedia Wikipedia encyclopedia entries for no other, for example, there are some entries in SOSO but not in the Shanghai encyclopedia Encyclopedia of love, we can put these pictures on Wikipedia or content to get their own website, and then write no entry in Wikipedia encyclopedia above, on the left end of the cited sources, which can increase a high quality external links, and the encyclopedia there are a lot of people, also can bring the appropriate IP.

ten, when reading other blogs in the comments left on your external connection.

, write a feel good article on the A5 or the owners of the house in the place you left for me, if through the words of an article that will bring you unexpected chain, now many stations in order to improve their popularity in the acquisition of some big portal is the article, when in the end you leave your site connection when others after the collection of links will also collect the past, so it’s natural for you to increase external links. PS: I put an article in between the A5 and the station before the audit at least more than 50 websites reproduced by.

Six, if there is

eleven, with their own domain name as the contact email contact is published in some stations when used, for example, I am now using e-mail is i#tangzhigui贵族宝贝 (@ >, so you know)

External links

seven and the number of registered blog points, when your site articles were included after published in the blog, this can not only increase the website links, but also bring some IP.

eight, when love Shanghai library to share information with the site, now love Shanghai very high weight of love to the Shanghai library, so you can do the links to be included.

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