Website weight down how to make it dead

In this paper,

A5 webmaster network "diagnosis book" do optimization, less than a month, the site began to return to normal, the website ranking back, also included a lot better than before, but also the latest snapshot, traffic has increased significantly, this let me tread on air. Originally thought that no hope website, because A5 webmaster pointing maze had come back from the dead. So, right down the website sometimes can hardly be avoided in their own circumstances, incapable of action, please master Zhidianmijin is a good method.

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but, if the site more, site history comparison, rich in content, the weight is also very good, once was down the right, its advantage is still much better than the new owners, and how willing to give up. So, at this time the webmaster should do

, I also met a web site is down right, they struggle for a month or not see an effect. When about to give up when a colleague friend recommended the A5 webmaster network Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services to me. In my basic information website, after the recent operation mode and link address so that they generally understand that soon they gave me a very feasible "diagnosis". The content of a detailed list of the causes of the existing problems of the sites, the right to be reduced, and the fast and efficient solution. Suddenly, I see light suddenly, the solution is very simple and also very simple, but has been neglected by me.

in fact, Xiao Bian also belongs to this kind of people, problems on the web became very impatient, always lack of patience. If a site is down right, insist on three months failed to recover, I will lose confidence and find other method, or even to do a new. As everyone knows, a new growth period is 1-3 months, if the old station is not rich enough, the weight was not high, then drop right than to choose a new station to do search engine to the new weight has been relatively high, perhaps again is a good choice.

site weight decreased, which is almost every webmaster will meet. No matter what your site is what type of, will inevitably have to after striking one snag after another in order to truly grow up, it is almost impossible to Everything is going smoothly. However, in this process, the webmaster can stick down is the key. Many webmaster met in the situation at a loss, adhere to a month if the website weight has not recovered, began downhearted, or even choose to give up.



in fact, this is not difficult, if you can’t find out the reason of the site is down right, if his lack of patience, if there is no ability to enhance weight. If…… In fact, it does not matter, the key is that you can in the shortest possible time to find a master to give you the help you give advice and suggestions, finding effective solutions. Or you can ask a professional Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services to help with their years of practical experience in Shanghai dragon, the real reason may soon find the site down the right, and then solve this problem fundamentally.


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