Zhang Jianfei on the two level domain advantage

search engine is to look at the two level domain as an independent domain name, but a little weight will inherit the top-level domain. The two level domain name can be used in the substation, and other local special column division. Take the 58 city, each city is a two level domain name in the form of substation, for example: Chengdu city is 58 cd.58贵族宝贝, this has three advantages: first, user memory; second, second level domain name weight ratio sub directory, can enhance the website weight, so as to improve website ranking. Third, improve the user experience and user awareness.

with the increase of users, the site also need to constantly upgrade, additional columns, when additional columns, using the two domain names to additional columns is the number of owners who preferred. Why did Zhang Jianfei talk about to choose the two domain names, the two level domain where the advantages and how to better use the two level domain name. Before this, we first understand the concept of two level domain.


in the secondary domain name has been widely used in various types of situations, such as portals, joining the platform, B2B platform. Take the webmaster who are familiar with the IDC (Internet Data Center) for example, when the opening of the virtual host or agent of IDC business, will not give you a two level domain name. There is, in order to avoid the user input error caused when the input URL, causing the user loss or reduce the user experience, the face of this situation, it can be used to deal with the function of domain name domain name resolution pan. Tip: Pan domain can also be applied to identity recognition, then judge, then jump to the page to show.

believe that the webmaster have encountered such a situation, so that www.xxxx贵族宝贝 domain name is a top-level domain, and that text.xxxx贵族宝贝 is the two domain names, in fact in front of both the two level domain, the top-level domain name is the only one xxxx贵族宝贝 of this type. Now know what is the two level domain name, then talk about the advantages of the two level domain.

has a certain size or want to build another site on the website, buy a waste of top-level domain, not good management, so it is with the two level domain to expand the columns or create a site, not only can save cost, also can be unified management, save a lot of work.

summary: please correct positioning the webmaster, if the increased column is not particularly important or have special meaning to the words used subdirectories form additional columns, such a weight to inherit the master, in order to obtain faster ranking, can also increase the weight of the master station. In this paper, by Zhang Jianfei (www.semanswer.net) original, please respect the original signature,

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