The Shanghai dragon operation technique of my own

four, css+dvi design. You must first meet the design standards, which can provide the greatest benefit to most users, to ensure that any website documents can effectively for a long time, simplify the code, reduce the cost of construction, make the site easier to use, more and more users can adapt to different network devices, when the browser version updates, or network interactive devices when a new to ensure that all applications can continue to execute correctly. Secondly, the DIV CSS name is very important, try to use the name English, all lowercase, between words and words with the symbol " -" (underlined) separately, if you use spaces or use " _" (underlined) phrase search engine on the individual will not be able to understand the separate file name. For example: header, the main navigation header: mainNav, breadCrumb: bread crumbs (i.e. page location navigation tips).

five, outside the chain, the chain now is not the more the better, but pay attention to quality, high quality of the chain of a top 10.

three, the station optimization, link framework to do, the chain should be wide, to the whole. The page to link to other useful information page, setting up a network link, convenient spider crawling, and the tag is used, should not be used without the use of alt, such as pictures, the < H1 > <, H2; > the amount of use, but remember, don’t like before. Always use the anchor text link to the home page, link to the first page of the navigation in addition, at the bottom of a band of URLs and keywords of the anchor text on the OK, such as: < a href=贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/ > I see the movie network www.***贵族宝贝 this OK, with a link to each page only once, because no matter how much the search engine is calculated according to the time, many search engines will think you cheating.

, the user experience first, the search engine algorithm how to change, it will never change, because the search engine will eventually face the user, if the user cannot from the search engine to quickly find the content they need, the search engine will lose its existence significance. The user experience includes open web speed, although now the record of trouble, in order to ensure the stability of the server space and, as far as possible the use of domestic large formal IDC products, in addition to web page is a part of the user experience, the site layout should be concise, simple.

two, the content of the original, the new station is very important, a lot of new love website online crazy hair chain, ignoring the website’s nutrition, new sites have three month review period, the chain can not hurry, to update the content, make its weight increase, then the site stabilized. Then the hair of the chain, if you have a month to update the original content, the spider would have come over, instead of the hair of the chain, the spider.

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