Water health care industry website optimization analysis

two, hospital website

three, drug business class website

love of Shanghai is the world’s largest Chinese search engine, that price is the main income, and to love Shanghai but the price of income from 1/4 in the healthcare industry, and medical industry annual output value of about 450 billion, about 350 billion of sales, and maintain a growth rate of around 17%. In recent years, with the aging aggravating, disease changes, sub-health population increasing, everything is just to let the public know a message: This is a huge industry. The water in this article was intended to write a medical website how to do Guan Jian word ranking optimization, can be written before that analysis of hospital website to analyze the status of the industry before the Guan Jian word will need to continue to optimize, analysis! The medical industry site can be divided into three categories, including health portal, hospital website and the drug business class website



with the development of electronic commerce, the drug also began selling on the Internet, water has Chinese stronghold, the evaluation by the number of online pharmacies reached more than 20. Experts estimate that over the next year, the sum of all online pharmacies the number of online pharmacies will be granted will be far more than the past 4 years approved. Famous online pharmacies, health off net, happy people, pharmacy network, medicine guide network, as well as some pharmaceutical companies, such as Kyushu, the druggist world, there are a number of large and small medical information and agency website, the United States online pharmacies.

, health portal site

according to statistics currently have different two to thirty thousand grade hospitals, there are numerous cosmetic health care clinics and institutions, of course, not every hospital has a construction site for the promotion, but there is a hospital construction of hundreds of websites to the promotion of water, many hospitals have known stronghold is a specialized network marketing team, to a disease word to do dozens of hundreds of websites is a common thing in the major TV will often see * * hospital advertising! Love Shanghai, Guangzhou hospital, fall in love with the sea before the 50 pages are independent websites, the competition between the hospital the large hospital website as can be imagined! And the competition currently in the region and the disease of two kinds of competition is most intense

love with Shanghai in recent years, the adjustment will be more weight and ranking in favor of the large portal, the current medical industry portal provides palm information, master Guan Jian word ranking and flow, health portal includes two kinds, one is the integrated portal health channel. Such as Sina, Sohu, NetEase and other website health channel, as well as Chinese, Phoenix and other sites of health channel, another is the 39 Health Network led by health industry portal, including 39 Health Network, have net, Xunyiwenyao net, good doctor and so on, these sites have a relatively large flow of medical and health related in Shanghai, most of Guan Jian disease love word ranking home page is the page of the website.

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