The site was K in disguise

site is K, although he was very anxious, but also did not lose the judgment, or according to the normal method of Web site to do a comprehensive inspection, trying to find the site is the cause of the K, first of all, I am from the site, the construction of the chain, for the two most fundamental job, I confidence is no problem, then, is the web site log analysis, understand the situation of the search engine spiders crawl the site to the frequency, once again, is usually done to check the site logging data, such as web site collected, rankings, the chain, dead links, Links, site traffic sources etc.. I was put in recent months on record again, but ultimately did not find what is abnormal. At last.

unfortunately, the website recently had a problem, search engine right down, a snapshot of the site back a month, but also ranked the next landing million, before efforts so long do rankings are now gone, even more frightening is when SITE and domain name now only one home, it is hard for me to accept admission, he didn’t do any violation of the search engine algorithm, and did not use the means of cheating, both the content and the construction of the chain is very regular, do not follow the prescribed order every day, on the website for revision, for the server, when every day in the inspection site logs are also very normal, when using the webmaster tools to check the basic information of the website is also very normal, I do not know why, this site has been K overnight, for what reason Due to the unclear.


and I belong to one of the members, before I do something, really want to do it, in the beginning will be very hard to do, to do it carefully, but it is difficult to adhere to a year as one day, do feel boring, insist on don’t go, perhaps, as long as their little work, to keep off time will be successful, but unfortunately, they failed to stick to it, therefore, although he also in the webmaster mix for two years, but so far is still a rookie, what all don’t understand, need to come to can really grow up. It is so, so he has set up a website, I hope this website can help you learn something by some of his own practice experience.

a little experience webmaster will know that the site is down right is often happened, no head of the road is in the process of Everything is going smoothly., website optimization, will encounter all kinds of setbacks, setbacks is not terrible, terrible is so depressed, this is really sad where you want to, you have so many webmaster for website problems, encountered some difficulties and give the owners of the road, that is not a few, a lot of people are in a special period of impetuous, impatient, of what things are only three minutes heat, and this three minutes the heat is over, if encountered setbacks, the eighty percent will give up, think the webmaster like, such a thing, not.

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