Forwards Shanghai dragon Er station detail decides success or failure

3, website conversion processing.

for the webmaster, do stand most of the people is to transform, if not transformed, so your site will become meaningless. So, if there is a problem, you will directly affect the fundamental interests of the. For example, a message on the benefits of the site, if the message board suddenly appeared not a message, there is no transformation, no benefit.

2, website structure, code optimization. As for the structure of the site should be how to decorate the tree, for example, flat, physical structure and logical structure. The website structure should not only conform to the user experience, to help SE spider crawling, it is self-evident importance of the structure, but also determines the structure details of the deal is more complicated. The structure in code, with details of the same. The code should be streamlined, not redundant, especially like JS, frame framework for SE code layout. Take the basic HTML code, if you do not pay attention to, somewhere less or more than a pair of tags, so it is possible to cause the spider crawling obstacles to jump out of the site. There is the site of the signal-to-noise ratio, in general more than 30%.

1, 301 site jump. 301 permanent redirect I believe we are not unfamiliar, good is to avoid lost weight "routeng". On the other hand, the problem is not small. If you jump the wrong, then you will be the "new" page, this page may be many pages of voting, the weight is self-evident. The figure below reflects a friend’s mistakes, leading to the first page of the weight is less than the weight of the page jump.


there is a saying that "details determine success or failure, for webmaster friends, this sentence can be used as a motto, bell. For many stations, the general direction of architecture are similar, "content is king, links to" the optimization strategy is right, which lead to different outcomes often lies in the details of the deal. A long tail word may have hundreds of thousands of IP, you dig well, the traffic is yours. So, today is not the details about the striker, but deadly details. Is not alarmist, and listen to the road.

in fact, everywhere in the details, the day you need to carefully to detect the accumulation of bits and pieces to make you stop growing. The original beautiful women network 贵族宝贝anhui Shanghai dragon.Org station, starting A5, please take the link to reprint, thank you.

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