Check the chain chain tool new noble Shanghai dragon MOZ tools




below, there are 6 tabs.

: first open, enter the URL to love Shanghai:



second – Top Pags tab, which is a good tool for our website informed of their page weight. Through this tool we can see the weight of each page in the. If you find a page or we want to focus on the promotion of the product weight is low, the next job is to focus on the promotion. Here we analyze the ZAC station, you can see the page weight is the highest in the home, second is on the page. The page weight value and the chain number is displayed.

through this set of data, we can know the weight of the website and the number of value chain. In order to analyze the chain distribution and anchor text, to look down.

Yahoo chain query, how to do? YAHOO outside the chain of tools after the closure of what can we use? The chain check new aristocracy chain tools, Shanghai dragon MOZ tool. This tool is that how to use simple? See today:

but here the chain of the anchor text, if no registration would only see 5, registered members can pay 20, users can view 10 thousand.



inbound links – the first tab, external links, is our key to use. We can see what to do in the chain site selection, the anchor text of the chain, the weight of the chain website value chain website domain name, but also display the chain, such as map, love Shanghai in the hao123 link is a picture of the way. In addition to all the links, we can see 301 separate steering chain, nofllow chain and 301+nofllow chain etc..

from the top, Page Authrity said the domain authority page weight, says linking root of domains said the domain name weight, is the effective number of links (not including 301, nofollow) total links said the chain number total. Fackbook shares said in the number of fackbook. In addition to fackbook likes, tweets, noble baby + here no longer, because domestic websites rarely appears in the American social networking sites.

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