Peace of mind the cornerstone of success

recently I read a book "mentality is the cornerstone of success", this book is the idea that a good state of mind is the beginning of success, but also the cornerstone of success. Successful =80% attitude +13% skills +7% other. After reading, let me benefit a lot, this book is mainly about marketing skills and strategies, and replaced by the author wants to say that the topic is for the road network and I love the browser no weight, no flow of attitude.

I work full-time more miscellaneous, involving IT, marketing, logistics and other aspects, but I am most interested in the old bank —IT. The final since 2008 debut, IT Mopagunda has more than four years, four years in this time, feel the change of IT bound fast shocking. I called the change mainly refers to the technical side, rather than the business level, Baidu is still the boss of the Internet, followed by Teng Xun, NetEase, Sina and Sohu. From the rise of micro-blog to the present full bloom, and then to the recent anti-corruption effect of micro-blog, the future of the world is still feeling the internet. And I have a long time ago, a dream, set up a pure news category, business class website, but for various reasons, the final stranded. The author is not lazy, but there are many issues to consider, and in this respect does not have any advantage, so the second choice of technology website — rice network an entrance easier, compared with the general population.

in the operation of the ten months, saw its rise and fall, also used to change radically, let me feel so much more is to see the level change — a state of mind and mind. Both the grassroots webmaster or standing webmaster, have a dream, hope that one day wake up in the morning to see the site traffic surge, saw a long time stop website traces of Internet users. This attitude is good, but is not realistic, so this makes many webmasters have a quick mind, impatience will stumble, impatience will give competitors an opportunity, impatience will let us become irrational! So I think this kind of mentality objectionable when you see SEO data always changing. You will reach another realm, and this is also the winner must state — and.


had a netizen to discuss the future of SEO, two of us almost fell out on QQ, his view is that SEO is every day to do the chain, Links, leave your website traces in each of the major sites or forums, and my view is that no SEO is real SEO. With the upgrading of search engines and intelligent spider crawling, rely on human intervention to get high traffic and ranking, which has become a history. Since this year’s 6.28 incident, almost all of the grassroots webmaster are aware of this, by the kind of the chain for the emperor of the past has gone, now let me to the quality of the article is more than 90%. A readable articles in the article is better than it put all sorts of things together many times, the reason is because the search engine is the slogan of the user experience, user experience that the user in the page to stay.

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