Love Shanghai APP tone from the interpretation of SDK detailed design document standard

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform launched "love Shanghai APP transfer from SDK detailed design standard document" after discussions in the VIP forum WeChat group, the students raised a lot of questions, collecting on problems found after Dean APPLINK engineer consulting engineers said the standard document, technical staff is more suitable for reading, basically not ambiguity. Of course, in order to support the work of the college, but also very willing to do a reading for the love of Shanghai webmaster college users, more comprehensive content, we also recommend you read "APPLINK" tool to help document.

how? ?

: APPLINK is a user click on the search results directly after the jump to the APP page? Or asked whether the user to jump

: I love Shanghai can be integrated open source SDK implementation of real-time and accurate transmission of the basic tone after APP data is transferred from the experience, length and the length of stay, love is involved in the project must be transferred from the Shanghai APP condition. If you do not participate in the APP transfer from the project, you can also add your own guide parameter marker, own statistics

Q: from the search results page to APP transfer within time and residence time, we use the statistical

ask: can we bring the deeplink statistics to wake up is still love Shanghai mobile search has awakened? How to count

asked: if app H5 content and the content of the page does not agree to do, for example, APP brand page H5 but not the brand page, it is in the H5 page

Answer: on the

asked: what is the difference with the tone from the browser deeplink, seems to realize logic is the same as

access APP pages and H5 pages need to be submitted to the AppLink mapping love Shanghai party access. The mapping is access (APP and H5) could have, correspondence, and H5 pages complete some APP some, not a. Access to ensure that there are H5 and APP pages of the mapping relationship can be defined by the name prefix AppLink link access.


. Only submit the mapping relationship is likely to be transferred. The definition of mapping is the corresponding page.



AppLink is from Shanghai love search results page links to achieve the adjustment, with the flow of Shanghai love advantage for APP diversion.



answer: two ways of statistics can bring mobile search > love Shanghai

: H5 page URL and APP URL corresponding to

mapping relationship refers to the relationship between APP pages and H5 pages. Schematic diagram as follows:

Answer: There is some relationship between the

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