From 110 to 1100 is how to make the new 3 days included thousands of


3, looks very troublesome, in fact, ultra-high efficiency, we used 5 days to prepare, 3 days, 10 edit together after 2 weeks of release, originally expected, love will be included in Shanghai, but in fact, the day included, 2 days out of 654, 3 days after the release of the more than 1100, the effect is very good.


content factories producing a large number of original articles

SEM is now more and more attention in the web site, today’s intense competition, it is also very necessary, so we focused on Web page layout unreasonable place is changed, the business pop-up time is also set reasonable, no endless play mad.

because the site is too messy, so again the columns are planning, in accordance with the classification of diseases, the section to do segmentation, for example they started only hepatitis B HBeAg this column, the other columns are not, but if you want to do this keywords hepatitis B HBeAg etiology would be difficult, so in hepatitis B the following three, and erects the etiology of hepatitis B HBeAg, hepatitis B positive symptoms, treatment, health care, medicine and other columns, then later in the optimization, can use the column page for keywords.

, a revised website column structure is more conducive to the optimization of

1, the disease is subdivided, the more detailed the better, for each of these groups write 10 -20 common head and tail, and then use the digital array, using batch replace tool the head and tail, combined and collected articles. It formed a preliminary for the original material.

2, manual sorting and editing, to the quality, must go through the manual sorting, otherwise no readability is not, by manual sorting, the delete delete, the writing of writing, of course reading must be written manually.

two, the layout optimization results is more beneficial to patients with

I said no design "

in August to accept a new hospital site, take a look, do not feel very professional, the page layout is reasonable, the classification is in chaos, included only more than 110, IP is zero, this site is said to have thousands of change after the 3 team to do, do not do it, known as the the group’s most difficult, in these circumstances, have some pressure, but with the solid basic skills, fix the website still does not have what problem, ADO, direct is how I put up included.

a lot of people see the contents of the factory, that must be a lot of garbage article, in fact not, then how do we say first under the principle, the first is the love of Shanghai, more than 40% is the original article, then we put the head and tail, the middle part of the first written, then the average to arrange each article in the short term, can produce a lot of articles.

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