A Shanghai dragon Er cry don’t attack the grass root in vain

please allow me to quote snowster a sentence: "others laugh at me too crazy, I know what I want!" (no wrong?)


today a forum to see Lu Songsong’s essay "Beijing Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, salary 12000, what are you doing?", as a bitter Shanghai dragon Er me, see the "Beijing Shanghai dragon", "salary 12000" the harsh words, certainly is unable to bear me the curiosity of the hand base point to go see. Please forgive me for a burst foul language: a gold watch last year bought a nose to see a tear. Not to say how to write the song brother moving, most post is the Shanghai dragon ER disclosed the monthly salary, see realized, the naive dream just a dream. Although often see experts said income data in Shanghai dragon, said to be 80% in the monthly income below 500, although the post is in the 1000 dynasties, but those who are to find people who work, they are all wages. But the Shanghai dragon failed to find a job? They Chuaizhe 200 dollars to go on his Shanghai dragon road, without the help of parents, they must be the feast or famine, the experts also said: a great number of people a year and profits can only buy space and domain name fee flat.

maybe you will laugh at me, I mixed on the site before, with low wages; and now I am in Shanghai Longfeng sector mixed with low wages, like

yes! My salary is low, but now I feel very happy! In terms of working conditions, before the sun is on the site, is now sitting in the office inside; previous work in the site overnight, I can stay with my wife and baby daughter at home now; used to do 10 years or so, now I can learn a lot of things to enrich themselves before; and now, I think I have been very happy

for wages, I now request is not very high. I’m really engaged in Shanghai dragon industry is little more than 2 months, I want to learn a lot of things. Sometimes I will complain about my salary is too little, but come to think of it, the boss gave you a salary, but also do not mind you have no experience, give you the opportunity to learn and time, is mainly due to your trust, I also felt very satisfied. I want to learn a lot of things now, every day I will have a harvest, a little progress every day. From the beginning to the hair of the chain, until now.


if you are holding a low wage, a pitch-dark day, every day the chain exchange Links friend, please don’t be discouraged, these are just for you. I met a lot of people and I said he is eating what bitter, did what tired of living, but others not? Gu Arca in August on a hot day at 3 in the morning on the site, a person carrying a thick C steel 8 meters long, at that time I was on all sunburned peel. Say so much nonsense, just want to tell you: you are not the only one in hardship, please don’t be discouraged!

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