Godaddy P can enhance the access speed independent space

this is the conclusion made by myself standing in the space that the experience of Godaddy. I have bought a number of domain names in the Godaddy space, most of the domain name is placed in an infinite space program host. Although the space access speed of GD with no domestic space than the GD space, but one of the biggest features, but also all the important reason for good GD space, it is the space of GD is relatively stable. Of course, in order to improve the speed of the site visit, at least for now, the reality is not, although Godaddy is said to be set in the Singapore data center, but is, therefore, the use of GD space webmaster actually can’t expect the response speed of the site with the domestic space ratio, but also not to say that there is no way, for example, in a good way is to acquire IP space.

Godaddy to acquire IP space can improve the site access speed, do not know if there is no theoretical support, but my experience shows that this is at least a fact. In the absence of independent IP, telecommunication network PING I value generally above 400, and acquire IP in after, this value is generally below 300, and access from the actual effect, page loading speed obviously faster than before.

used in the Godaddy forum to see people have discussed this problem, there is no in-depth discussion, there is no final conclusion, I don’t know whether this conclusion is universal

for Godaddy space, there are many reasons, such as the purchase of independent IP, can prevent the site by the wall, can avoid being "evil neighbor" or implicated in the IPv4 address gradually dried up today, the purchase of an independent iP is also a kind of fashionable investment, but you may not think for a the webmaster, the most practical benefits, the purchase of independent IP can significantly enhance the access speed of Godaddy space.

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