Decrypt the chain of blind spots in the Xicihutong

why do you say so, because Xicihutong t.asp? This file itself contains a jump, but relatively few design time. When users click on the link in the first, will jump to the alley alley, also calculated into Xicihutong flow, and then jump to the target site.


贵族宝贝 贵族宝贝hswkzy贵族宝贝/, so this is a total of two jump links.

we all know that Xicihutong website weight is very high, so we generally think of the link on the top, or leave the link, have a leading role on their website. This is the theory, but I published an article in the above, it was discovered that some small details like this. In order to avoid advertising to suspect, I will give you see:

do that first Xicihutong is to increase website traffic, second can also say is to avoid the output weights of the website. So Xicihutong weight and traffic can maintain such a good reason is here. From Xicihutong this example, I will contact to address short love Shanghai, short address of micro-blog, the reason is the same. The content of the valley fruit V5 official website 贵族宝贝 original feeds, respect the original.




found that this link is very strange, if you do not look carefully, that really can be directly output links, but in front of the link was added Xicihutong link. Then click on this link, this link is found a total jump two times, if speed is slow, you can see more clearly, or carefully you can see:

first time this is the case, you can see is a sign of Xicihutong, then wait, it will jump another page:


recently doing some station promotion work, some small details found in a promotion, although the details are very small, but the website promotion is more important.

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