Cause analysis of website snapshot is updated and the solutions

C, website snapshot stop

a, website snapshot every day

website snapshot to the day and overnight snapshot snapshot normal. The snapshot is very difficult to do, is generally very high weight website have such advantages. Overnight snapshot is a kind of common, as long as your website content is updated, the quality is high, the site will be overnight snapshot. There is no update.

as I Shaoxing Shanghai dragon blog, snapshot each time the site are stopped for a week, do not know what the reason is, check did not check out. Each love Shanghai big update when it will give me a website snapshot, I think because my article quality is not high enough.

website snapshot retrogression is right down the typical phenomenon, mostly because the website accumulation keywords, or contains sensitive words such as the right down. This time we want to quickly adjust and optimize the direction of their own, do not let your love Shanghai K, it is very difficult to save.

In addition to

e, website snapshot disappear phenomenon

website snapshot if stopped one day does not move, no matter how much you do outside the chain of high quality and high quality articles were of no effect, then your site must be right down. There are many reasons such as: right down to change the title, keyword, site optimization excessive accumulation, long term site does not update, hanging code etc.. This situation must be carefully examined to find the reason and solve in time.


website snapshot sometimes appear every day phenomenon, do not know if you have not met. This phenomenon is that the first night we updated, but second days not included or included did not give us a snapshot. This phenomenon is mostly because the website weight is relatively low, or the original content is not high enough and cause. The contents in the article to suggest that people work harder.

website snapshot abnormal situation is also our webmaster friends often encounter. In the following analysis, we can refer to.

a week phenomenon

website ranking, website snapshot update is the webmaster friends the most concern. Each big forum, QQ group will be published on why snapshot not update or snapshot stagnation, some even. Shaoxing Shanghai Longfeng for several website snapshot update to analyze why love Shanghai snapshot not update and how to solve the


D, website snapshot (correction)


1, website snapshot update normal

website snapshot disappear because of some wrong operation by K disappeared, this time most of the sites are open. What we can do is to give up, or put all the content down, reconstruction, and re submit. The article reprinted from Shanghai dragon in Shaoxing.

2, website snapshot update not normally

B, website snapshot real phenomenon

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