According to the analysis of the external links optimization keywords


the second link information format: site name + keywords. Just to name or website to "Taobao selling" as keywords as link information, to improve the keywords ranking is not particularly big help, only increase the chain. We should strengthen the relevance of Web sites and keywords, is the key to provide search engine ranking. I like the site called Tawang shopping navigation, I do link website name + keywords as link information.

do you know the importance of keywords, if your website has one or several high heat keywords, then IP will flow your site every day is quite objective. At the same time, included in the key external links for search engine rankings, but also plays a very important role. Increase external links is also one of Shanghai dragon core, external links refers to Links, forums, blogs, message boards and all can be suitable for promotion and the sum of left link address platform. Of course, the high quality of the Links value chain, is the largest form of the highest weight contribution. The experience according to their own website link, summarizes several methods for optimization of special chain of keywords:

first, Links information should be included in the website keywords. Enter the web site keywords in Shanghai love the search bar, where "Taobao hot" for example: input "Taobao keyword, selling" drop-down box appears in a series of "Taobao keyword hot expansion. These are the users daily search heat very high "Taobao sells" keyword, collect these words as keywords in information Links.

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finally, need a certain amount of keywords links. After the link keywords do, also need a certain amount of accumulation. Early promotion has been in use: Keywords link combination + Taobao selling tawang. Home page, add up to do the more than 40 links, Taobao sales have very good ranking in search engines. But Taobao sales has been ranked the word did not go up, not a reason to focus on the promotion of two links, the quantity is too small. After the link information is changed to: Taobao selling hot Tawang navigation, then large chain, Taobao keywords ranking also rapidly rising hot.


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