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1. formal institution

AR advertising is a game spree,

AR advertising can start with creative thinking, fully liberating the participants’ senses and allowing participants to be free and happy

on the market

if you can not get the investment, then opened his own dry tighten their belts for the game practitioners, not investment, you can see the opportunity, don’t waste time, and quickly opened a dry, dry to the game shelves, assuming the right direction, somewhat exposed, some people will vote.

Alipay last year’s hot 5 years ago, shlf1314 has launched ProjectGlass glasses, seemingly two things not related to actually closely linked, they are the core of AR technology. AR technology in full swing spawned many industries, and AR advertising is one of them. AR advertising coverage is becoming more and more widely, automobile, finance, catering, Home Furnishing and other industries have mature case, then still popular in television advertising, Internet advertising today, AR advertising to consumers exactly what, AR advertising can achieve counter attack on the mode with the advertising industry?

another question is, whose money is

if the investor said "keep in touch", then do not wait, the game is short-term, or investors to observe you really want to vote for you, will be the signature card for the week.

investment, regardless of who voted, are to return, the investor with the same banker, sunny umbrella, rain umbrella, has always been the case, don’t expect any investor can timely assistance, the investor’s money is not blowing in the wind, they still have to be responsible for the investor.

, such as IDG, Innovation workshop,

example: I am out of business in November 2012, looking for 80+ investors, no one interested in May 2013, the game shelves Appstore, pay list third, after a week to pull investment.

AR is intended to enhance reality, and AR advertising is usually through the combination of hardware and software to interact with reality, so as to promote products and their ideas. As a new generation of stars in the advertising industry, AR advertising is popular, mainly due to the following four points.

In fact,

so here’s the issue of angel investment.

, no money.

this kind of organization belongs to the most reliable one, the file formalities are complete, support structure many, forensic finance you don’t need to worry about, the reputation is pretty good, brother enterprise is numerous.

early in the writing, but is not openly discussed in particular the winding up of the company in two is to write a will offend some people, but think carefully if you did not write down, may still want a lot of brothers detours, burning themselves, we lit it.

one, interactive and interesting. AR ads show with game or story content to consumers, such as the recent Coca-Cola and Spotify music streaming in the world’s largest platform for cooperation, the use of AR technology to design a music playing coke, users simply open the AR software on the Coca-Cola special bottle can appear music player. The combination of products and music, interesting interactive content, reflects the creativity.

Five set active

insists on saying you’re the fault

one, angel invests

The first hurdle is met many brothers

‘s "AR" Grace’s AR ad also took a speedboat. In January 2017, sh419 announced the establishment of the AR laboratory in Beijing, the initial research and development content is the use of AR technology to provide revenue from advertising services. Alipay also announced in April this year in cooperation with the domestic famous AR advertising solutions company, to enhance the AR advertisement in Alipay interface attraction, and Tencent last year also held a "Heaven red AR advertising campaign. Visible, BAT prospects for AR advertising is very promising.

many brothers come out to start a business, regardless of success or failure, is a good thing, defeated, you will grow up, and become happy.

The essence of

, why do you want someone else to pay for your future,

in recent years, AR technology has attracted much attention, and its huge market development prospects for a time ignited the investment heat. A recent report by IDC, the International Data Corporation, said the augmented reality AR software market would reach $2 billion 130 million in 2016 and reach $35 billion 220 million by 2022, with a CAGR of 57.36% over 2016-2022.

BAT into AR advertising, capital unabated


, and so on, and so on, not any investment, but also let investors suspect your motives.

there are several investors or institutions

at the beginning of a sentence is: entrepreneurship is not gambling, but to build a house, a person does not exist, everyone is starting from the basic step by step, genius is just a few years earlier than you started to accumulate. There are no shortcuts. From the start, the road is destined to be a desert trip. Don’t count on it.



guns, brothers, directions, but no money. Then 80% of them look for investment or investment.

at the same time, the closeness of capital to AR advertising is heating up. Recently, the Swedish advertising technology company Advrty received 5 million Swedish kronor about 570 thousand U.S. dollars of seed wheel financing. And the domestic +AR, Yi Yi interactive and other AR advertising company financing events also emerge in an endless stream.

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