Case analysis selling business website optimization Raiders

station optimization has two purposes, one is to let the search engines can better and more quickly browse our website, provide an essential basis for search engine rankings. The two is to improve the user experience, and improve the conversion rate, bring commercial benefits. After the simple understanding of the company’s website, I think the current station optimization are mainly in the following aspects:

1. web page title, keywords, description of the optimization.

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2. in addition to the home page, each page of the title and keywords to write detailed, try

Each column of

station optimization

6. sites in the text and pictures is too small, can not be enlarged, needs to be optimized.

company website of Shanghai Longfeng work is divided into two aspects, one is the station to adjust and optimize the search engine optimization, Shanghai dragon two is outside the station optimization is what we say.

Some sections of

< meta name=" description" content=; " "business" is currently selling advertising information, most, the most extensive coverage of print advertising. It will uphold the international advanced DM advertising operation mode, combined with the Mudanjiang region of the human condition and consumption habits, take the unique mode of operation! Over the years, has always been the majority of customers support and trust! "

Increase in the chain to

< Title > business selling electronic newspaper | Mudanjiang is committed to creating the most professional information electronic newspaper < /title; >

< meta name=" keywords" content=; " business and industry Baoji selling electronic information, including real estate, recruitment, delicacy, vehicles, is the most professional information industry electronic newspaper in Mudanjiang! " />

with the long tail keywords form, is conducive to the optimization of each page in the search engine.

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7. sites to get in a text page, do the keyword density control page content in this column, the column.

5. site in some columns have repeated place, need to optimize the overall architecture, delete unnecessary repeat columns. Website content update, has not been added to add in time. Some of the columns of the home page website URL and is not reversible, need to be solved.

4. website each column content page, link anchor text pointing to the site within the other two pages or the content page, the convenience of customers browse, increase user experience.

3. sites need to increase business or business QQ function, convenient for customers to visit the site in direct communication with the company, improve customer conversion rate.

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