Liu Qiangdong to go to college only 500 yuan at home have written programs to earn hundreds of tho

70, entrepreneurs are often a kind of romantic entrepreneurial aesthetics that can change their fate and even change the world through entrepreneurship. For entrepreneurship, their status is often tenacious perseverance,

3, 90 entrepreneurs are currently good hands, but there are still 10000 hours away from the success of;

2 and after 90 entrepreneurs is a driving force for the whole entrepreneurial environment and atmosphere;

as for the results on the 8.15 battlefield, Liu Qiangdong from Suning earnings deduction, Suning loss of 4-5 billion, while the Jingdong also lost more than 200 million a day.

Jingdong products are divided into three categories: 3C appliances, of which 3C 50 billion or so, about 10 billion of household appliances; daily necessities and books, audio and video, and the latter books are defensive category, this part is not profitable.

question: are the 70, 80 and 90 entrepreneurs who are exposed to the intergenerational differences in these entrepreneurs? Are there differences, in what way?

introduction: 90 entrepreneurs, at present only a phenomenon, it can not become the mainstream of entrepreneurship; appear 90 entrepreneurs, on the overall business environment and atmosphere is promoted; 90 entrepreneurs the hands style good, but there is a 10000 hour distance of success; the society for 90 entrepreneurs do not Bangsha not flattery, for their tolerance, give them support is good.

spent 500 dollars on his way to college, and never had any money at home after college. Because the middle school teacher taught to be honest so go to people’s University of sociology, then realize the greed of.

tiger sniffing for "lecture notes" and micro-blog participants share a word or two. The integration of this paper are as follows:

, but after 90 entrepreneurs this thing, we still have to look at the rational.

The emergence of !

4, the society for the 90 entrepreneurs do not Bangsha not flattery, for their tolerance, give them support is good.

note: Ji is a founder of the new media, CEO, is also a partner of Tianqi amoeba venture capital fund management. This article is the old period should be the media DreamWorks’s "DreamWorks observation" invitation and write, after 90 entrepreneurship related seven questions answered:

three, talking about early years of reading and entrepreneurial experience,

tiger sniffing note: Jingdong mall COO blue Ye has said that electricity providers cost is lower than the store 6-8%. The statement was subsequently refuted by an executive of the United States, "general electricity supplier website logistics costs accounted for about 5% to 6%, accounting for less than 1% of the cost of ground stores."." In addition, he said, online labor costs accounted for 4.5%, while offline labor costs are 1% lower than the online.

old age: 70, 80, 90, the 3 different generations of entrepreneurial groups are very different.

asked: what do you think of today touted 90 entrepreneurs PROs, how to rationally treat 90 entrepreneurs


company through logistics lines, operations management and other technical operations optimization, operating costs of about 7-8%, can reach half of Gome, Suning, 15-16%.

1, after 90 entrepreneurs, at present only phenomenon level, can not become the mainstream of the tide of entrepreneurship;

early selling Jingdong recorder in Hailong price war: Taiwan companies rely on their own funds, claiming the recorder is always better than the Jingdong 100 yuan cheaper, want to get out of the Jingdong recorder market, so the two sides are less than the cost of goods, other than the low Jingdong 100 yuan, the Jingdong sent his people to buy each other the goods, and then sold to consumers in their own counter, so that the opponent lost millions, to withdraw from the competition.

Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong

in 2012 with the United States, Suning 8.15 price war aims: " first, in order to pass power to suppliers, two is to let the United States and the Soviet Union realized that the Jingdong through the price war is impossible."

yesterday, Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong, in the "entrepreneurial leadership course" of the Tsinghua University says "Jingdong entrepreneurial story", in which spit a lot of interesting material, has not yet received the tiger sniffing shorthand kneeling!!, but it made a detailed notes, I do not know the brother thanked him where

: I’m China "old age entrepreneur" editor responsible for the "gem", had originally proposed "80 entrepreneurs" topics, then have a "80 millionaire" and reported that a series of boom. Now, it’s 90 again.

one, about price wars,

two, Jingdong’s commodity business profile


in the past few years has been to say that 90 idiotic seem to put their arrival, as great scourges. In recent years, began to stir after 90 business, generally speaking, the social mainstream public opinion now for the 90’s overall understanding has tended to be positive, this is good.

after 80 entrepreneurs, more through entrepreneurship to improve life, become the group of people they admire the simple entrepreneurial impulse. They state many are constantly draw a small circle the pursuit of victory, victory over hand to do ;

815 price war mistakes: 1, many suppliers, dealers through different accounts to buy Jingdong less than the purchase price of the goods, rather than final consumers to buy; 2, Suning to make up the difference, so the price war not as early as the selling Jingdong recorder as the price war without limit down.


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