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3- purchase goods source.

every friend who wants to open an online shop meets this problem first. Take a look at Taobao, a variety of, almost all what you sell, you can see that everyone’s different ideas. Because each person has different resources, hobbies and different, it also determines the industry engaged in different, looking for a solid, reliable supply of goods is a prerequisite for good online shop.

in the arterial network already on the market Internet plus pharmacy project carried out a preliminary scan, and in accordance with the procurement, management, service, marketing dimensions are classified from the N open the fine description Internet plus pharmacy industry, find the outlet.

medical dozens of start-up companies, it is easy to summarize the medical business projects "problem oriented" logic: entrepreneurs do product intention is I can solve what problem, and according to the characteristics of the Internet tools gives the answer: save cost and improve efficiency.

procurement chapter: B2B pharmaceutical electricity supplier force

once met a girl who had just graduated from college. She told me that she sold everything she bought at ordinary times. Obviously this is not enough: one is the scattered purchase price is very high, count the profit margins, price sold to the customer is too high, can not attract customers; second is the channel is not stable, when the customer needs, it is difficult to find, affecting customer confidence in the shop; three is your love style and variety of customers not love, will cause some product backlog; four varieties and specifications is not complete, the product is too single, customers would choose other products more abundant, more complete varieties and specifications of businesses. Therefore, this business model can only be said to hold the mentality of playing, to experience the taste of open online shops, but also no real shop owner,

what will the future drugstore look like? We can model a scene like this:


first look at the retail pharmacies procurement problems. First of all, due to the retail pharmacy drug demand quantity is small, the lack of upstream supply chain enterprise bargaining power; secondly long purchasing process of retail pharmacies, the process increases seriously; third is the purchase of retail pharmacies lack of flexibility, it is easy to appear not timely procurement of goods or.

1- full-time or part-time?

has many friends who plan to open online stores, but most of them are still hesitant. From their own specific circumstances, there are many concerns and confusion,.

for those who already have physical stores, the addition of an online shop to expand sales channels is a natural extension, little need to consider this issue. For the working class or the student population, you need to weigh carefully. Unless you have a great grasp of good supply channels, familiar with the related industry, relatively abundant funds, otherwise, pertinent suggestions are part-time business gradually started, do a good job full-time too late, calmly think more, reduce business risk, give yourself a road is a wise choice!

, I’m afraid it’s a big problem for some entrepreneurs at the beginning. Decided to do what, down to find supplies. The establishment of smooth, reliable and superior suppliers is the first step in the success of entrepreneurship.

B2B pharmaceutical business my medicine, medicine, medicine, network terminal, cheap medicine medicine net including the recently established "smart pharmacy alliance", is to focus on procurement, procurement and marketing for manufacturers to flexible point. Further into

patients can have a simple examination at the drugstore and upload the results through the pharmacy’s remote interrogation facility. They can communicate and diagnose online with doctors without having to line up in the hospital. The doctor’s electronic prescription is transmitted to the drugstore in real time, and the prescription is examined and given by the pharmacy.

network operators should contact regular wholesalers and suppliers to buy goods, but the reality is willing to zero at wholesale prices

this logic on how to solve the Internet retail pharmacies procurement pain point, still set up.

What exactly does

, if pharmacies appear some drugs out of stock, pharmacists submit requirements, you can directly report to the pharmaceutical / circulation enterprises through the background, the latter in the fastest time to complete the delivery, not delay the use of medication.

After an interview with ?

for now, starting from the consumer psychology, combined with today’s China is not perfect personal credit system, the customer service service shop is most suitable for the sales of some relative value is not too high, consumers need, demand is not high, not easy to go bad, don’t need to try or try to determine whether the appropriate goods, such as cosmetics, tea, handicrafts, books, audio and video products or some specifications of the standard uniform, through photos and descriptions can be determined to meet the needs of the product, can do some of the best brand-name products, the customer is very attractive, a little-known brand to customer acceptance is very difficult.

at the same time, for patients with chronic diseases, pharmacies will be equipped with professional pharmacists for their rehabilitation guidance and attention to life advice, retail pharmacies can also assume a medical function.


in management, pharmacies fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, management can also easily grasp the front-line stores operating conditions, and even clear to the performance of individual employees.

to solve these three pain points, the main direction of Internet plus retail pharmacies purchase is the pharmaceutical business.

in the Internet plus mode, this scene of retail pharmacies may not be far away. To upgrade the model of the Internet retail pharmacy business projects more and more, to achieve the desired goal is to improve the management level of retail pharmacies and retail pharmacies, giving medical ability, to the health of the residents into the retail pharmacy service center.

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