The first video received 190 yuan commissions are not easy How to sell a virtual host to make money

my station is about 10000IP a day, the first video of the income of about 25 yuan, the number of display is about 3000 times, there are 2500 times, it is estimated that the amount of deduction. But idle is idle, hanging can earn some money. Like a small flow of sites can not, and if you 1000IP a day, I think you have 200 times on the good. Basically, the ratio of IP to display is 5:1, 20% proportion, making little money. However, this alliance is not a liar, the money should be beaten, or for you to play. My is 79703298, welcome to exchange.

2, for example, set up a house of understanding.

3, and then send an ad on it, saying that the station program has the ability to automatically generate traffic and has a strong readability, particularly suitable for shlf1314 account promotion.


steps are as follows:

1, looking for a space business agent, the space for the space business is very cheap, 100M in less than 100 yuan, that is, the cost of erecting a forum will not exceed 100 yuan.

like this, every day there will be a few friends to find you, you will also earn more than 500 yuan a day, the big money is in some inadvertently made in the small money.

received today’s first video alliance Commission, it is really not easy, I first time in the station on the Internet to publish this article, talk about with everyone’s feelings.

payment issue total commission fees actually paid tax payment time

20080602-0615201.75 yuan, 0 yuan, 9 yuan, 192.75 yuan, 2008-06-23 paid to complete


5, after entering the group, tell them, set up a forum program, including domain name and space, you need 300 yuan fee, while giving some learning tutorials, etc..

4, on the note that if anyone needs this program, you can enter your group, and then you help set up the forum program.

is a simple sales space, it may concern people just do the Internet, but also because there are network novice, veteran space fixed suppliers. If you are giving a website program, and then selling space, then people who care about is a little bit of network foundation, but also want to have a web site of their own people. If you say it’s a profitable project and then give the program space to sell, then the people who are looking at it are all the people who want to make money.

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