90 after the creation of the two generation of returnees aimed at relaxing functional drinks blue oc

what made them decide to be the first people to eat crabs,

, in the 3 months after graduation, in Miami, they locked themselves in the house and studied all the 20 relaxing drinks sold in the United States, looking for one of the most suitable drinks for asians. Finally, after one by one to try and record the feeling, scoring, they locked eyes on GABA. I dark horse note: GABA is a naturally occurring non protein in the nerve center of mammals

to a company interview, was asked to do homework. Take a look at the title: in my eyes, website promotion art.

the earliest Internet advertising, the earliest Zhongguancun people must remember.

"Chinese from the information highway far? – North 1500 meters, full of artistic imagination, today, Whitehead Road has been changed to Zhongguancun South Street; today, Chinese has all the information superhighway to surf, but yinghaiwei has entered the history of the Internet, quickly became the text in the paper.

when Sina’s advertising is changed to Putian, advertising signs, light boxes, bus…… There is no way, everyone is burning money, you do not burn money without attention. Sina’s promotion needs media carrier, and now Sina itself has become a medium, a banner of the home page, the cost of 1 days, and CCTV almost 15 seconds worth of advertising. You cannot open a newspaper, almost all the above on the Sina News, once Sina sneezes, the whole industry and even the whole network media to cold flow of saliva. Turn the earth upside down. Not only art, but also drama.

Sohu. The young blood returning from the United States, back, twine and Gaylord Ponty, also brought the "attention economy". The more important point he is personally, do more than show life. From Miss MMS to the Sohu mountaineering team, CCTV followed the story and caught the attention economy of Mount Qomolangma for a while. Unexpectedly, the vigorous MMS in a small move in the hands of the director, is also considered good fortune. Say the artistic color that the website promotes, there is no fox Chaoyang, its right person.

in China, the relaxation of functional beverages is a beverage and its breakdown of a market, there is no one to divide the cake, this is an opportunity, but also a challenge. They think that there are a group of young people like them who are mostly happy, but they are always full of pressure and need to let themselves down for a moment. So they decided to do the first drink, relax micro music, after drinking can make people recover from the tense mood to calm and pleasant state, also can eliminate the negative effect on mood, that makes you smile a simple drink. They target their users as young, fashionable people, and slogans come into being — Enjoy, this, moment, work, hard, play, hard. enjoy the moment, work hard and play hard.


2013 New Year’s day, for most people is just a year in the first day, and for Tsuneyoshi, Han Yang, Han Xizi lifetime — they hit it off, decided the fate tied together, the joint venture of

Chang, Han Yang and Han Xizi are two generations after 90. They are very good friends in high school. They still keep close contact when they go to America to study different universities. 2013 New Year’s day, and he often after the Han Xizi across the United States, came to the Han Yang apartment in Miami. They aimed at relaxing drinks, the blue ocean market, and sold their cars in the United States as a start-up fund, and started the Tang grass drink, and began a spectacular journey.

90 entrepreneurs often have a cavity of blood, ignorant and fearless to start an undertaking. But in addition, the three of them have rational market analysis and positioning.



brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan,


of this market in Chinese or blue ocean, but 07 years in Japan have relaxed the concept of drinks, two years after the United States also appeared, and the IBIS word the United States market research agency and Zenith International food and beverage industry consulting firm results are shown to relax the beverage has good prospects for development.

on 2013, new year’s Day is like this, Han Yang in the balcony with a relaxed drink to Chang He and Han Xizi, said, "this thing in the country did not, we can try."." "It’s interesting," Han Xizi said." He said, "you can do it."".

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