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this also overturns the saying "VC is short of money". A common view is that the capital is not short of money, but lacks the courage to invest, because they want to find companies that are truly core, not just pay for good stories.

is similar in foreign countries. According to the Silicon Valley law firm Fenwick& West released a report in January, 2016 by the United States Air investment to help the unicorn company only completed 31 financing transactions, compared with the number in 2015 62 dropped 50%, but the average value of the huge growth of 78% financing, from $239 million in 2015 rose to $425 million.

‘s business and investment gone forever? Big brothers and figures don’t think so.

1. How do you view artificial intelligence?


2. artificial intelligence is divided into two parts: perception and cognition.

The greatest and biggest part of the

why now AI so fire? Shen Xiangyang said: "the strength of the algorithm of cloud computing power, grow with each passing day running on the depth of the neural network, the massive data plus today to get in, these three mighty power intertwined driven, today, we finally have the ability to achieve the dream of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has unlimited potential, and it has the power to subvert any existing vertical industry."

for down-to-earth entrepreneurs, winter is warm spring aura, after sharpening, more value.

artificial intelligence is for human intelligence, that is, Human Intelligence. Later, 60 years ago, John · Mccarthy defined a word called Artificial Intelligence, which is said to be the real intelligence Mccarthy mentioned.

After 2014-2016 years of fiery

had done such a study, a 91% personal information collected from the vision, I forgot the number he figured out what kind of approach, but we will basically agree with this point of view: the vast majority of perception from visual, auditory and, most only after other perception.

Ma Huateng said in an interview, many entrepreneurs will put forward an ambitious goal, but in the fierce competitive environment, to solve a small problem more realistic and important, "my advice is to focus on smaller, solve a pain point." Tencent in the early years had experienced financing problems, and ultimately rely on mobile products and operators to obtain the first pot of gold income.

InfoQ in response to a reporter’s question, Dr. Shen Xiangyang expounds his understanding of artificial intelligence: artificial intelligence is divided into two aspects of perception and cognition, perception has made significant progress, it is far from the cognitive aspects of a breakthrough, but can be explained by the AI will be a major breakthrough in the 10 years to 5 years.

then, what level of artificial intelligence has been developed? Where are the technical difficulties on the way forward? How is Microsoft’s road to artificial intelligence planned and how is it possible to face the competition of talents?

artificial intelligence?

had repeatedly put forward the "valuation bubble theory" China Jingwei founder Zhang Ying in a speech last year said, "some vertical industries are now difficult to finance, such as O2O, Internet banking, but other areas are still very active, so I don’t think this is a winter, but investors are more rational a little."

1. why is there artificial intelligence,

1 has made great progress in perception,

I think it’s been a great progression here. I’ve been talking about it. I’ve been talking about it for the past year

May 10, 2017, after Microsoft Build 2017 keynote, Microsoft AI and Microsoft research division is responsible for Dr. Shen Xiangyang Harry Shum received InfoQ invited the media interview. In this paper, the main points of the interview.

perception is visual perception.

, but it’s probably just the illusion of frustrated people. Data show that in January 2016 -11 months, China’s venture capital market investment amounted to $39 billion 710 million, compared with the bubble in 2015, almost flat.

Has the window period for

why do people think that people have intelligence? In fact, human intelligence is basically divided into two parts, part of perception, part of cognition, and artificial intelligence is also corresponding.

investment quota unchanged, the number of transactions dropped sharply, indicating that capital investment tends to focus. Compared with the pessimism of entrepreneurs, old players who have experienced ups and downs in China’s Internet have regarded this low ebb as a touchstone and new opportunities.

, as if overnight, capital to entrepreneurs closed the door. According to media reports, as of early December 2016, Chinese startups total collapse, closed 364, the Internet financial industry accounted for the highest number of start-up companies; in 2016 the new year dropped 76%; VC, PE invested a total of 2976 cases, down 31.97%.

successfully cast NetEase, Jingdong, Wahaha today’s capital founder Xu Xin logic is more direct: "great is boiled out, you are difficult, others are difficult, see who can survive.". An enterprise >


talked about artificial intelligence, although everyone in today will be excited, I also feel – something has already happened, but first you need to look back, why would

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