What is it the Wangzhuan liar master pointing novice attentionDo Wangzhuan is a veteran of a pulse


do Wangzhuan is to do more contacts to find ways to accumulate resources is the best way to

at the same time, the accumulation of human resources is more a good thing, you is very difficult to ensure that you are always in this industry to do the best, fastest and most timely information about the new year, often in a short period of time may do better than you good, you are better than many, then as his friend, you value the harvest will be reflected, you can get more fresh information from him.

station is not the purpose of "Kite", and open the station in high and vigorous spirits, and very want to build a "Albert", especially the innovation project. However, due to the emergence of business problems, for example, advertisers can not keep up and not timely pay the membership reward, or the technical level is not high enough, not timely monitoring to "cheating" and lose a lot of gold and silver, or monitoring to a large number of cheating, but helpless in the "business". Such projects often have to give up payment to members because of a broken capital chain. At this point, members come out to speak: "liar station,

station is to get money, cheat money, cheat advertisers are members of the time, even the money cheat member. Due to open this project’s intention is to get, so it can be defined as: liar. Such a project is determined to stay away from it. Because in addition to wasting your time and energy. You will reap nothing. For example, some foreign automatic surfing station, is the use of such bad behavior.


3, the project itself higher, many members of the unknown, muddleheaded to do. Due to not meet the requirements of the project, payment requirements, project leader refused to pay. At this point, members come out to speak: "liar station,

This is not a closed

so, what is the Wangzhuan liar? The industry standard definition? There are a lot of Wangzhuan forum www.myptc178.cn cheat area



personally think that is called "Wangzhuan liar" project has at least the following categories:

do Wangzhuan friends all know that there’s a "Wangzhuan Wangzhuan liar", for example, some websites have the menu: Swindlers Company, Wangzhuan Wangzhuan liar list or SCAM.

6, some members have more experience, but also occasionally "subjective", certain items used in what mode, and this mode of * * * a lot of reasons, not tested, it begins: liar!

do Wangzhuan not behind closed doors, but should be widely attack, take the initiative to meet friends, especially the accumulation of contacts, new friends of the newcomers, must not spare his own experience, be willing to share, to teach them some of your experiences, this is what I do Wangzhuan these years the most important harvest. Once the number of your friends after considerable, we trust in you is your greatest wealth inexhaustible, when you are sincere and they share with friends, just imagine, in some need to pull off the assembly line, the common development of the project, you give them your downline, there are a few people will have opinions, will not happy? Obviously, is the most useful you do accumulated contacts, but also the most valuable. This is much stronger than the advertising links you send out of your downline so that many people will be wary of accepting them without saying anything and will only lead to resentment. Therefore, we should not be too eager for quick success and instant benefits, but should focus on the long-term, and gradually accumulate and cultivate network resources.

4, some members do not comply with the rules of the project, at random, especially cheating, or even serious cheating, after the project leader found, of course, is to delete the account number. These members do not recognize the truth, only gold and silver, with the openness of the Internet, began to speak: liar!

It’s important for

5, some members just contact Wangzhuan not long, will feel like a veteran. But they often make a MB, love is love "," parroting "hearsay", he did not personally practice a project, began to speak: liar station, because I saw the place in the * * is a station, or hear about * * this is a liar station.

Wangzhuan field after several years of development, or as in the past to popular, from novice to now, another batch do Wangzhuan friends chose to leave, also have new friends to join in a new batch of wangzhuan. Has been struggling to adhere to, a climax, also had low, but I have not given up on love, Wangzhuan after all, this is the one I can benefit from converting their wisdom and time for a profit, after so many years of accumulated experience, some words are like the new friends just beginning to do Wangzhuan said, hope to be beneficial to everyone at the start of the Wangzhuan career.

to figure out this problem because it affects the way you think and make decisions when choosing or combining projects.

Wangzhuan different in many industries, it requires you to have a keen sense of smell, must have a keen observation and discovery, in the discovery of new opportunities must be the first time the implementation in place, otherwise you will waste a chance. Just like mom started to promote its advertising system, a website can get the promotion of each wave of Wangzhuan Commission many people rich, because of various reasons, or is afraid of not understanding webmaster resources, or is not reliable in worry about reliable doubters, results in others have earned pours the when began to realize the huge level of this opportunity, but is often already too late. So, you can not only pay attention to work hard, hard-working spirit must have, but must have open eyes, good at finding opportunities. Behind closed doors, only breaking source of income, so this is do Wangzhuan taboo.

believes that the list is not comprehensive enough


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