Optimize your shlf1314 Adsense adBusiness and ask how to improve the startup business idea

people say "seeing is believing."". Most webmasters are enthusiastic about tracking web visitors and checking revenue and click rates countless times a day. They like to see what they already have, but often ignore what they haven’t got yet.


finally, at any time be ready to kill, this is a very practical reality, when one day later put a knife to your neck, you have to surrender? X? Or before it will be the enemy army? You put a knife to the enemy general general as if the head? The army, the most important thing, not to win, but to let everyone can live to win, you have to remember that every one who died, they want to live for 20 years to grow to 20 years old, those people behind you find here, regardless of loyalty and not force than people have been killed to good to start, had better be broken and start to success may be able to rely on luck, but if one day luck success had not luck success, that is the hour has come.

1 ad format: spruce up your ad

entrepreneurs question: I wanted to start, but it is too difficult to start, I want to ask a question, if one thing you don’t contact, how to receive the challenge and do it? In other words, the idea of how to specific, from where to start planning for

what kind of ads do you like: flags, skyscrapers, rectangles or squares? What color are the borders and backgrounds?

why isn’t everyone making money with Adsense? In fact, the key problem is that not everyone knows how to use Adsense to make money. The money is hidden where you can’t see it.

in shlf1314’s huge traffic, shlf1314 only wants a small fraction of your website traffic. And they’re willing to pay a lot of money for this small amount of traffic,

How does Where does

has thousands of options for you to choose from. Many people let shlf1314 decide for them, and the results are usually the default appearance settings for the Adsense system. What a mistake they’ve made! My experience tells me it’s like throwing money into the river.


follows excerpts from:

make ideas concrete

Ans: and people over the age of 10, they can give you a lot of useful advice, whether it is work and life planning,.

answer: first my advice is not water, never learn to swim, but to the water, must first learn how to not sink. Is indeed a pity that you give up this opportunity, because there is no one to pay the tuition let you study better.


I’ll give you the following advice:

and Adsense makes this easier. You don’t have to install complex software, you don’t have to investigate access sources, you don’t have to buy anything, not even a bank account. Well then….

I’ve wasted almost a whole year, earning only 1/10 of what I should have earned, just because I’m too lazy to adjust the color and location of the ad. Adsense ads displayed on Web pages, and their shapes, colors, and locations can be countless combinations. You can spend hours every day trying out each possible group

Ans: could not find specialized tasks to perform, so in life experience and personal experience by leaping growth, not to complete the task one or two times and complacent or not pick up this task, but as long as there is the opportunity to undertake, because the business world is not fair at all, if you later business, for your project that Terry Gou is very interested in, you start to seize the market slightly thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers, how do you confront him? This is the reality of the business world, if Terry Gou did not see you, unless your project has no value or no competitiveness, your enemy is your reaction, the strength of.


that’s not true. shlf1314 offers many functions to control your ad, especially some visual diagrams, lines, and tables. Make good use of these resources and you can easily turn your hits several times in a few minutes.


for those who complain that they have a high flow but low income website, there is no better way to gain money from those stingy visitors.

if you haven’t touched anything at all, how do you take the challenge and do it well,

Ans:, a company engaged in the future work, you intend to start the industry as an occupation, the company must not only by a job can be established, so have the opportunity to take positions with different work content is to learn

but many webmasters still believe that once you’ve pasted Adsense code onto a web page, all you can do is wait and see.


Adsense won’t let you choose the content of your ad, it won’t tell you the law of the AD show, nor will it tell you how much each click cost. But that’s good because it saves you a lot of trouble. it does provide some control functions, and in this book I will teach you how to use these resources to better control adsense.

start planning?

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