The truth of content Entrepreneurship the intellectual community is taking back their social wealthT

from this day on, intellectuals will take back more than 30 years of social wealth that has been taken away by the previous generation of Nouveau riche.

but all this is no longer important, because the truth behind this is:

just the day before yesterday, mind thinking organised a small tea party in Beijing, during which Luo Zhenyu, the founder, announced a little thing about the mind that had just come to mind:

for example, in ancient China, intellectuals wanted to make a fortune, and they rose in an ascending way:

sages have a saying, "a person’s destiny, of course, depends on self struggle, but we should also consider the historical process.".


membership fee model helps businesses or individuals to simplify their work and learning so that they can focus on your website.

in addition, there are many ways to make money through the Internet, such as providing services that are needed by everyone, and making them easy to simplify services, or to save money and effective services;

why do more and more people complete class crossing through content entrepreneurship?

Abstract: "logic thinking" video broadcast, but the "intelligentsia" money era has just begun.


what kind of road is this? We call it "the road of independent intellectual entrepreneurship". To be here, to call it great, to be beaten, and to give up my brother, I only dare to enumerate the phenomena.

The success of

makes online sales and service platforms, and Taobao and Ebay are well-known websites both at home and abroad. This website model can be classified as C2C mode, Consumer to Consumer. The flow of such models is looking for categories and product items – bids auctions – closing deals – distribution – well received. feeds, reproduced please keep

bad luck again a bit, a little touch of entrepreneurial opportunities in the 1990s, even the staff did not have to do; but on the mountain.

‘s first blog,

‘s mind lies in breaking the entrepreneurial predicament of the readers through the ages

say "intellectual class" is making money,

continues to update the major platform for 4 years, the harvest of a total of more than 1 billion playing "logic thinking" video, the official broadcast.


where does the "anxiety" of modern people come from?

develops its own shopping website, where it sells its products and services. This model, known as the B2C model, is the model used by most e-commerce companies in the world, such as amazon. B2C mode according to the website to sell a product or service entity has two kinds of different processes, namely: the selection of products — order — online payment service – distribution; transaction and payment transaction confirmation transaction.

sages, there is still a word did not say, called people are forced out. After all the success of a person, in the eyes of the people he is glamorous, the most easily overlooked is the difficult path of the arduous 08 years from the leaving CCTV, spent nearly 10 years, the fat man hard that a road trip.

second develop their own shopping website

fragmentation learning replace physical book education,

Why does

third makes online sales and service platform

The ?

blog’s money making approach is simple, gathering popularity through blogging, then selling advertising bits and merchant link locations on your own blog pages to make money.

so you see the molecular knowledge of the ancient, he always attached to a leader or organization in order to succeed, if not, the basic life is dark, please refer to the Jiang Ziya early married life.

called "Xuecheng martial arts, home goods and emperors" seen "Qin Empire" knows, even Shang Yang, Zhang Yi, Fan Ju, Li Si the great, early with the wrong one, a talent only white blind.

, by selling his own model, finds out his talents and expertise and begins to make value for himself. Sell one’s head, talent, etc. As in Europe and America, there are specialized voice services;

now most of the sites are depend on advertising, in fact, not the Internet advertisement to make money on the alliance profit the best way, the future will have more Internet business, change is the same rule, should learn to walk in front of others to create new profit mode.

The above article by How does

, that is, the once talked show with Luo Zhenyu’s big face is missing, and the future "revision" will be released on APP.


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