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classification fishing is to do meticulous marketing, classification of the audience after the classification of

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in addition to this the budding play concept to attract the attention of the home improvement O2O businesses, including Haier live network, real estate giant Vanke, E-House also in the O2O market has been eager for a fight, the home is not simply to a decoration company and decoration team materials can play very value. Industry giants as well as more Jiezhuang O2O merchants appear, so that previously decorated plots, cut into the field of home improvement, such as cattle and cattle decoration, some light operation businesses feel greater pressure.

in doing data bank registration tasks, regardless of the conversion rate of this assessment, inviting customers, downloads, links and other aspects to share.

third resources, post


‘s invitation to registration is that the invitation code is poorly registered, and there are many registrations that are bypassing the invitation link, which is registered directly by the user, unless the site registration is closed and is only allowed to invite the registration. In both the invitation to register and direct registration, a lot of people will bypass invitations, direct registration. In such a registration task, it is important to have contacts, so that through interpretation, many target customers can be used for a long time. But this is very slow for registration, the effect is not obvious, it can not reach the basic amount of registration. So many of them use succinct sentences and links to illustrate the benefits of registration. So, according to their friends, mail or MSN, or , or classification, do not write different statements.

giants are entering the field of home improvement

the first kind of invitation to sign up, use your connections, friends, contacts,

I do this person has a feature, that is, do not cheat, no matter how good SEO, site planning, or do not cheat. Especially with the registration task, the use of registration machines, the use of mass mail, the use of mass devices, and so far, is not the best way to solve the user’s use, it is false. Although many friends say that now do not pretend to be bound up, but I always think, you do a little more today, you will get something more than others.

;         second categories of fishing ?

home improvement O2O influx of 2015 into online decoration

For example, some

friends, I will write such words: pass or snail speed? Come to the use of ultra fast super good free network hard drive, let you pass the time concentrated in 30 seconds to fix, the address is: dbank/invite.action v=MjAwMDI=a


from the new line of the situation, in January 2015, Sina home O2O platform "grab the foreman" on the line; in March 17, 2015, taobao launched the "great home" home improvement O2O platform. Home line at the very beginning, joined the home improvement O2O tear forced war, on-line on the ultimate decoration 30 days". Competition decoration period, as well as millet decoration and seven homes, the former said 20 days to fix the decoration, the latter said 18 days to finish. Of course, this line never lacked price induced, SouFun launched the ultimate hardcover 666 yuan / square meters, mushroom decoration launched 599 yuan / square meters, may have a lower price in the future, users will pay only

up to now, the field of decoration before no one year like in 2015, opened with the home improvement businesses financing and on-line news. From the financing situation, since July last year, home improvement O2O field financing has reached 4. In July 2014, geeks United States home for millions of RMB A round of financing; February 2015, regulating the family network D round of financing of $160 million; in February 9, 2015, Millet’s Shun capital injection of 60 million to love space; March 9, 2015, Sequoia, Jingwei Tuba rabbit 58 city and a total of $200 million joint investment; in March 17th, Hui loaded network by Pre-A round of financing of millions of dollars.

although the group is more difficult to separate, but it can quickly let different groups of people understand that the registration of this product is used, and will allow themselves to get what kind of convenience?.

According to

resources post is the way to be hooked. We classify the audience according to the characteristics of the data bank, and refer to them

marketing friends, I will write these words: want to get super super good use of marketing tools and experience? Registered large free network hard disk, you can share to share resources, super elite address is: dbank/invite.action v=MjAwMDI =a

on the other hand, "urbanization" is a basic national policy for the next 10 years, the length, width and depth of the domestic market is not in question, which is another reason for the majority of businesses entered the decoration O2O. At the same time, China is in the transformation and upgrading of the entire industry, the traditional enterprise traditional mode is the impact of the Internet’s eyes, forced it to the Internet and information direction, which makes a few years ago online decoration has been nearly two years of renovation of O2O concepts have been constantly emerging, research and practice.

statistics, the home market annual increment and stock market trading volume of nearly 3 trillion, the current line home at about 200 billion, less than 1/10 of the total, will exceed 500 billion in the next 3 years, this number continues to grow. Currently, the world’s largest proportion of home online trading is Japan, reaching 20.7%, China’s decoration market up a lot of space.

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