The experience and understanding of a SEO entrepreneurFrom a single large online ticketing market is

second is the size effect. In the retail industry, the scale effect barrier is that the larger your purchasing scale, the lower the cost. When you take aggressive pricing, you can squeeze your competitors and make it difficult to survive. The online ticketing market, the forerunner of the scale effect did not significantly reduce the cost of limited size, Jicai, and have stronger capital strength of the game player intrusion.

2 is a group of people with vision, fancy tilisoft Internet high growth and high rate of return, now many large large electricity supplier website can prove that it is clear there is such a group of people.

1 cornered, Chinese system too dark and difficult to find a job, the real costs of doing business risk is too high, the relative one is a network has not been polluted too serious, relatively fair.

third is network effect. It means that the more users there are, the greater the value of a product or service. Social products are a classic example. Last week, apple and WeChat were pinching each other

the first is technical barriers. Mobile bonus of this wave of entrepreneurship, the overwhelming majority of business model innovation, O2O project more strong driving operation, there is no technical barriers, the development of App and promote the line do not need what black technology, you can do the competing products can do.


essentially, the 1 online ticket market developed by money subsidies is basically homogeneous competition, and the real competition barrier has not been established. A good business model has three barriers:

here, I would like to ask why there are so many people in online entrepreneurship. Objectively speaking, I think there are 2 main points:

China is the Internet in 70s by a number of leading figures of thought has led, gradually set up, from the foundation to meet the needs of the people communication and entertainment needs of QICQ, sh419 MP3, and then to Shanda games, later novels have appeared, etc..

"speed and passion 8" released 7 days, mad 2 billion, "the people’s name" on the line, the two episode sparked popular debate. Whether it’s a movie or a TV play, it seems to be in the best of times. Predictably, the spring of the film and television content market has arrived.

professional to do the professional thing, market segmentation, industry leader and so on, these words have a common point, is the division of labor in modern society under the condition of a person or a group of people, focusing on one thing or a piece of work, a long time to explore the depth of the a state.


and I have this state.

‘s rapid rise in the strong wave of O2O, when the capital market boom, the rapid financing platform, users have to pull the new burn subsidies. Cat eye reliance votes quickly to do large-scale, but the subsidies to the user no loyalty at all, once the new platform subsidies greater, or the number of votes reduced, they left. But from the beginning of the 16 year capital market market from the GMV growth rate of a sudden turn for the worse, and quickly switch to the pursuit of business efficiency and profitability, the first half quickly staking the cat’s eye conforming to the trend of reduced ticket share also announced, with the ticket reduced to below 30%. Coupled with the supply side, the cat’s eye channel terminals are not exclusive, the theater stores are often placed at the same time scouring tickets, Guevara, cat’s eye and other ticket taking machine.

‘s recent numbers of online movie ticket markets have also attracted the attention of the author. The ratio of advice just released the first quarter of 2017 China online movie ticket Market Research Report, the top three were the cat 22.96%, 19.77% the era of lithography and Amoy ticket 15.79%, the difference between each other, also marks the online ticketing industry has entered the initial stage, "War Within Three Kingdoms" cat eye a football was 70% times the market share has become the past.

November 2011 resignation of Yao Jie technology, is to promote the experience and methods from the original company accumulated, more service to the company, the author set up an own team in 1 years, is now the promotion methods and experiences accumulated in a standardized service in the form of display time the.

the author is 80, experienced China Internet from scratch, from a series of simple evolution to prosperity, which I also opened a network game, made clothing wholesale, and now do network promotion and operation, deeply understand the change speed of the network change rapidly, such as playing games with me for 09 years when a month earn 3 – 50 thousand is very easy to do when the wholesale clothing site without any SEO and network promotion, website ranking naturally to the Wuhan clothing wholesale sh419 top 30, 2 years ago to do product promotion is very easy to product sales increased by 10 times, but these have gone against the network change too fast, enter the network business people are also more and more.

homogenization ticket supplement difficult to build barriers to competition in the industry

Wuhan Yao Jie technology only do one thing, that is, the Internet generation operators, only 2 directions on behalf of operators, that is the product of e-commerce and website maintenance operations. Now the company has a certain success, I wrote these experiences, just want to be like some SEO workers like me to mention

I used to belong to the former, forced to choose online employment, a monthly salary of thousands of easy to enjoy. But for a few years after I saw the development of one network, and see for their walk, and walk through the road, it is on behalf of the operator, to charge a service fee in the form of helping others to do network promotion, if do well with a certain percentage, which can survive termination and development problems. The space.

Expert The author set up the

as a pioneer in the market, the cat’s eye has also been the rapid accumulation of users of the original accumulation stage.

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