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"do not have to say so tragic entrepreneurs, pit investors also have a lot of money, this is like marriage and divorce, the error is not on the one side, is that the system is still immature."

1. guidance on the operation of commodity trading model

!In the early days of

, a big investor in the investment circle who came back with money to start an investment institution, there were many entrepreneurs around him.


provides differentiated and personalized products, which is the best way for students’ entrepreneurs to fundamentally eliminate the competitive disadvantage of price. The biggest threat to the Internet economy is the copycat entry. The space barrier in the traditional economy has become an insurmountable obstacle to mimic a short time; but in the network economy, information transmission has no obstacles, only can prevent others into and maintain the competitiveness of the way is to provide differentiated and personalized products, the goods can not be imitated, or imitation of high cost. At the same time, because differentiated goods do not have comparable prices, it also eliminates the threat posed by the increased bargaining power of customers. For example, a student in the use of artistic expertise in the network shop selling their own hand-painted, different styles of hand-painted shoes. If shoes are sold only, they are at a disadvantage in price competition because of high purchase costs. And through personalized hand-painted shoes, greatly increase the value of the goods, which is the use of differentiated products success stories.

, following Wang Kaixin’s: "investors who have been threatened by investors and stealing projects," many investors came to GPLP to complain: "

unreliable entrepreneurs and fraud

2. comments on the guidance to provide service model

college students should first analyze their own entrepreneurial endowments. Through communication with teachers, students and parents, to fully understand their own character, knowledge and ability structure; if they have the technical expertise of one aspect of the study and lasting interest, can strengthen the learning technology, accumulate steadily, choose to serve others business mode; if their lack of technical expertise for the unique advantage of the but, with a stable supply and good at communicating with the human personality, can choose the type of commodity trading.

the key to the success of the model is price competitive advantage. There are two main ways, first, make full use of the resources around, strive to get as low as possible the purchase price; two, is to differentiate and personalize the goods to eliminate the price comparability of similar goods.

Alibaba also the same, after several times of life and death, Alibaba lucky to get the opportunity to meet with Sun Zhengyi, and seize the precious 5 minutes.

frankly, the relationship between entrepreneurs and investors so nervous, a slap must not clap. Whether it’s the investor’s fault or the entrepreneur’s problem, the two have problems.

Abstract: in fact, investment institutions earlier and not so much, of course, also so scanty, early Tencent financing, venture capital have heard that put light eyes, tossing and turning into contact with mechanism only at that time, the Internet bubble before financing in place, survived and developed so far.

so after finishing some investors, a lot of investors and entrepreneurs concerned about the topic, today, GPLP Jun also talk to you about the entrepreneurs who do not fly.

Of course,

does not account for a large proportion of students in this type of model. Such students have strong learning skills

said along with the domestic venture capital industry by the cold to hot, in fact, investment institutions earlier and not so much, of course, also so scanty, early Tencent financing, venture capital have heard that put light eyes, tossing and turning into contact with institutions only when, in the Internet bubble before financing in place finally, survived and developed so far.


, Tencent and Wuhu Ali thirteen is reliable entrepreneurs, not reliable entrepreneurs There are plenty of people who even now, about the good faith, the topic is still most people concern and become a topic of speculation.

, GPLP, don’t enumerate them here,

although students lack social experience and control social resources, but as long as the full mobilization of positive forces around, it is still possible to get a low price. Teachers can help students with entrepreneurial enterprise or organization market, student group purchase, get lower price; at the same time, the cultivation of students’ value consciousness, find business opportunities from others is not easy to spot. For example, a southern warmer winter, down jacket unsalable, a student found business opportunities, at a very low price to buy unsalable jacket down, sold through the Taobao still cold north, gained a greater profit.

secondly, analyze the hardware condition of your own business. If the economic constraints, early should choose lower cost products, to establish a good credit rating by puerile; but also on the network business for living expenses of students, should minimize the initial expenses; to obtain funds through borrowing the start mode of operation should be cautious.

"this is biased, investors are very weak, and do not fully understand the information, how to invest, we say that angel investment has 3 F:Family, Friends, Fool.". When your friends family does not give you the money, we have to determine whether you have to hide, and whether the data is false, is also very bitter. Entrepreneurship and pregnancy, and really do, there will be no failure, which is the loss of investors ah pro, personality and pattern of problems, it is difficult to distinguish at the beginning."

GPLP remembers this rumor:

the big brother has lived abroad for a long time, and the natural people are relatively simple

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