Webmaster grievances suffered garbage collection of popcorn AllianceApp earnings four trends hardwar

1, "let me talk about what I do the most junk of several alliances: first, this popcorn, buckle amount is very serious, to pay for reasons, refused to pay.". Second is the eFriendsNet alliance, new registered account does not deduct the amount, a few days later, less than half the amount at once, but love titles, titles will pay for advertising. The third is the so-called mop League, major league titles, what do post default, available online. Fourth is the network alliance and their agents kuxun alliance, the alliance is estimated that the deduction amount, union collapse, the September Commission is not paid, originally a lot of customer service, are now gone, leaving a customer service now, attitude is not particularly bad, love to ignore, a telephone on site can not get through, the * * * financial called happy meters is missing."

first, take a look at my last article’s comments:

if anyone says a nice word about the popcorn League, it’s not normal to deceive yourself and the new owners.

people to use the mobile phone online, it will bring what kind of opportunity? This is the portable electronic products, and have a strong ability, and very small screen, let you focus on what they need, how it is used, and the original scenarios are not the same, it is very attractive the segments of the population, like women, the elderly, doctors, patients, and a large number of professional people, in their mobile phone on demand so far have not been met.

10, "TMD, when it’s time to settle, an email solves you, the more you want to get angry,"


developer biggest pain point is profitable, this year overseas developers in more than 12% income of more than 50 thousand U. S. dollars, but 59% of them make ends meet, only 1% of people can achieve greater success." Jiang Tao believes that vertical, hardware, enterprise, and peace are often ignored by mobile developers.

‘s first vertical challenge, which is our own data, is CSDN’s 17 million 700 thousand monthly independent visits, and we are thirtieth in china. But we have less than one million of our mobile phone data, which is the challenge we face on the vertical web site. Global Internet traffic, 12% from mobile phone users, micro-blog 60%, WeChat one hundred percent. This is a new market, and this market is a huge blow to the PC desktop, which is a statistical data. From 2008 to now, the entire PC access to the Internet traffic decreased by 20%, which is an era of change.

! "

8, "support LZ, support on the third floor, popcorn League is really garbage, not ordinary garbage!"

3, "temporarily popcorn comment, my advertising costs nearly 1000 yuan 1 months before payment, is said to have suspected of cheating, the need to review, I wonder, I 5-6 million IP, this advertisement also said I am cheating! I do stand there for a couple of years, the size of the Union had no number, no one has ever said alliance me cheating, no union seal my account, including GG sh419 alliance! Is the first popcorn that I have suspected of cheating and other audit results after his alliance!"

App a year, last year it was announced to the developer announced this year 2 billion 500 million points, 5 billion points, or $2 billion 500 million a year, apple pumping 30%, its income is about $1 billion. In fact, apple, in addition to selling mobile phones, there are other mobile phones, Smart cover annual income has more than 2 billion U.S. dollars, already greater than Apple’s revenue from App, which >

Apple has not announced

2, "the first time to meet such a cheeky alliance,"

CSDN and "programmer" founder Jiang Tao Sina Korea Lianwei / photo

7, "support you, the amount is too serious,"

9, "popcorn is the most junk League,"

4, super garbage, pit me more than 4000 quick money, MD, say you don’t pay for illegal regulations, I don’t fully display their code at the station. Just sealed my ID, my CAO,

        Sina Francisco October 19th morning news, CSDN and "programmer" magazine founder Jiang Tao said today in the mobile Internet Developers Conference, App to profit is moving in four directions, namely vertical and hardware enterprises, and the civilian


read from other websites about popcorn. "

as a webmaster friends said that the masses have sharp eyes, if I said one popcorn is garbage alliance or problem is to do a lot of popcorn stationmaster in BS ing, at least in part by visible stationmaster alliance popcorn garbage "impolite" treatment.

6, super garbage,

5, "I just changed the size of the ads a little bit in order to be more harmonious with the website, they said I cheated and put me back several hundred dollars.". Customer service is "indifferent", do not give others the opportunity to correct

, this is Japan’s application, called Luna Luna, has 2 million paid users, equivalent to 4 million yuan. It records women’s menstrual cycle and body temperature. The company launched its product in 2001 and broke out in 2009 before charging 1 million of its subscribers. Because smart phones can be carried around, you can also query as required.


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