What does a new station stand forPersonal webmaster how to use the nternet to make money

site visits every day and earns

from 10 thousand IP start, every increase of 5000IP, the level of the site can be promoted, earn money every month can also raise 2000 yuan.

if you do not write the program, then it is necessary to adjust the procedures of the station. Note: no matter the station is your own writing, or other people’s own to change, the best program choice is the program clear thinking, no garbage code. According to the SEO code to write, so for your station will be very good, the big search will also favor you.

first, the new webmaster want to understand their what station analysis, what kind of station how much traffic, your income reflected where? I started is not too clear on this point, so take a lot of detours.

! a month

1000IP every day, for a site, a little content site, not 20 days will be easy to do. TOM league can have 400 point =2 block, 3721 advertising union can have 100 point =4 block, 3721 assistant League =2 block.

at present, the advertising Union and SMS alliance is very, very much, and their credibility is different. In addition, there are many skills and experience in improving the effectiveness of online advertising.

3000IP per day, doing it is also very simple. At this time, some people will be very impatient to receive advertising, my advice is not connected. 50 pieces a month banner, 20 pieces of a month of text, are not how, do not earn so little money,.3000IP. Union and 3721 can have more than 10 pieces a day. 8000IP 2500 yuan

After the

sites don’t include illegal sites, such as * * sites, and do not include commercial sites that sell products. They belong to individual stations of all kinds.

you can flow from your face according to the cited articles directly calculate how much money you earn:

if you are a personal webmaster, you are estimated to be eight or nine, ten is a poor person! So how to achieve personal webmaster out of poverty, it is our personal Adsense has been the subject of research. Now more and more websites on the Internet, there are less and less quality, because we are not too professional, not from what Sina ah, NetEase ah, out of the super power! So we can only do something ourselves. Well, get back to business. Here are some of my personal experience since the webmaster, I hope to share with you!

this article starts: ww2.51zxtl.cn Author: 5 product

!The following data for The

3000IP 500-800 yuan

can work out the money you earn every month. For the webmaster, this is a very valuable article. From there, you may think of a lot of things,

all right, if that goes on. Your station will not only get a good score, but also a certain amount of traffic, traffic, and money is naturally not a problem.

traffic increases, so that the same site and the same flow site, you can eliminate other sites, all types of alliance funds will increase as the flow increases.

finally finished adding articles to the station. This is also the most important place. If you’re not a lazy person, you’d better take care of every article, so it will be good for your inside pages.

8000IP per day, is it difficult or difficult to do? OK.. From the 8000IP site can belong to the primary, the money greatly upgraded. TAOBAO net a month on 1500 yuan, TOM alliance can be removed, or placed in inconspicuous places, 3721+ other public union can be 2200, followed by a small amount of advertising, a month 2500 yuan is very stable.

1000IP 200-300 yuan

one, advertising alliance, SMS alliance,

website traffic and money relationship

second: if you are a program editor, estimated your site for search engines will be very friendly, because only you yourself something you can you can change freely.

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traffic is up, the Union ads can be removed. If you feel that location, you can make more money. Advertise and find the public

started at 100 thousand IP, and the monthly income can be fixed at 5-8.

are purely personal surveys and observations, and the size of the data is very different. My list of data is general statistics.

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