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I remember before ~ 03 years ago I prefer to go to a forum, is a small forum, there is no section of the above, and also 4~5, but this topic is quite popular,


why? ~ that is because which webmaster very know how to and we these just started to his BBS browsing of small netizen interaction


when you first met a client, you had to show 9 points of enthusiasm! Treat him as your own brother, see your brother, call him brother, don’t be mean, say a few words like that. Do you feel he ~ Hey this small talk will be very ~ ~ good grace I future after your site pull. Because he also treats you as a brother ~ ~ ~ support your brother say you are willing to do so ~ customer = brother   this concept is right,

hope you give help, this station has not been sh419 included, submitted for more than a week,

recently made a cms180 degree, seriously do stand, learn from the webmaster, do a good job standing

5.26-5.28, these three days, may be Ali mom stop the most days. However, a time Mom Forum service area was shrouded in condemning. My small station was also blocked at that time, Ali’s mail is the same meaning.

why do I say 9 points of enthusiasm rather than what people usually say 10 or 100 percent?. Since few people can do it, it’s good to be able to do 9 points

webmaster exchange group lectures group 17770150  every evening 8:30 invite grassroots elite speech website operation promotion profit experience

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outdated, there are some recommended domestic advertising alliance, is estimated to be relatively good, but also a good reference,

the importance of feeling in your heart and mind is important. Don’t forget. King Wang is a good example,


in fact, customers don’t just think of it as your tool to compete for money. On the other hand, how do you do it for him? That’s right. That’s him as his best brother.

original address: cms180.cn/jianzhan-experience/congalimamafenghaokanguanggao-union-xuanzealimoyoucuo/

he has a good way. That is, he is very helpful to the people who need help. He keeps his E sister on the page. Let you add. Who love who, through his does not check the

I have said before this class that Uncle Wu wants to talk about the topic of "seizing the customer’s heart", right? What is the heart, that is to say that you have to pay the feelings of

today, my mother settled it and froze the profit of my station, and then the rest of the site’s revenue was settled as usual. I don’t think any other advertising alliance can do it, at least not now. Microsoft YAHOO for shlf1314 Title Yuwengdeli is completely ruthless, do a lot of shlf1314 alliance is often worried that their number is K, the domestic league all know deduction amount can be serious! Ali advertising alliance in the price, it is very good in service.

release is very difficult! I applied for a time, then do not try, because honestly, they do have their own AD points a few times.

well, I just met him, right? If it’s the way the general public is concerned, it’s true that people who have just moved, not just people who know each other, especially friends, including some of our group, GG, too! That’s the wrong thing to do. I went on to say, ha ~ ~ I typed a bit slow ~ do not mind everyone ~ habit is good ~ ~ I hit a lot of words, we do not need so long!

after you do a good job, ask to do a little, as much as possible to carry out a few groups. The importance of the group, I think not, ah, uncle, I do not say, you can also know what role it is, right ~ ~ together; that is in it with your customers more exchanges, long training each other’s feelings,

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