From female college students wrapped in towel bath to see the operation of the website

The other day I

music video network, will be wrapped into college students after the bath towel, canteen, making a list of news on the Internet, one more than a vulgar, vulgar, even a website editor with 750 articles from around in the girls.

she is not enough to pay attention to public places of interest, but our website editors think that he is not just a Big deal? Zero seconds of video, with 750 words, all the twigs clearly stated the ink section, we have to think this is done in speculation, a vulgar boring hype, hype, video playback rate in 8 digits, then the site of PV will not be less than this number, the website is make big money.

website editor look very sharp, caught netizens vulgar think, bored, finally found the female students in this video, he could not succeed with this play, video, pictures of the station should be more than eye flow, even Sina, the Tencent the portal also involved, I think they to do is really very vulgar, if we are small webmaster speculation about it, there will be strong wind and big waves, but let Sina Tencent, this ordeal, well there will be another "bronze door" Oh


from this incident, do this video site is to earn a lot of traffic, meet the wolf’s eye, and they give their own website coupled with vulgar title,


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