SNS can not wait for the opportunity to seize the peak

has been paying close attention to the development of SNS websites recently, and it’s a pleasure to talk with you about the development and trend of sns.

happy net everybody is not strange, when one mentions happy net, everybody can think of stealing turnip, grab parking space, good friend is bought and sold. Does this small application is to happy net made distinctions won in battle. These small applications capture a lot of Internet users’ psychological characteristics, so that Internet users into the evening to set an alarm clock to steal food, in one fell swoop to push the happy network to the peak of sns.

let’s first talk about the benefits of SNS, SNS is based on a field of mathematics conjecture, called Six Degrees of Separation, Chinese translation include the following: six degrees of separation theory, six dimensional theory and small world theory etc.. According to the theory of six dimensions, there are no more than six people between you and any stranger. That is to say, at most six people, you can recognize any stranger. This is the theory of six dimensions, also called small world theory. Six degrees of separation, is not to say that any human connection must be generated through six levels of contact will, but expressed such an important concept: between any two people be strangers to each other through a certain way, contact, the total can produce necessary connection or relationship. Obviously, there is a clear difference between opportunities for personal expectations, as they differ in terms of connections and connections.

is now a lot of webmaster are very confused, as if in the domestic network suddenly found the gold mine, many sites are added to the sns web site to do a new feature, as the first to think of how to do a SNS website, because interactive website SNS is very powerful, so that some sites are moving heart.

according to the survey, there are now 13 domestic SNS sites, is still on the rise, but so many SNS sites really can fire up?. Why not popular, there are a lot of factors inside. Here are some of my SNS constructive comments:

, to perfect the product, in fact, like happy net or school or remove those inside SNS function with the basic application, you do not like it, never mind features, like the launch of Baidu space, up from the functions it is compared with other similar products without what big change, is three the most basic functions: upload articles, upload pictures, friends. These three functions, all blogs do, and have more functions. But at that time, most blogs, whether CSP or portal, couldn’t solve a problem: speed. Performance is very unstable, the article uploaded, you may log on, you may upload something gone. In fact, the basic user needs are speed and stability. Although Baidu blog, but Baidu has a large platform, there are many servers, there is a lot of traffic, you can completely from the stability and speed of these two user experience, and secondly

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