From the actual effect CN domain name included in the weight of Baidu

right now, Baidu is extremely cautious about.CN’s domain name.

for new sites of.CN submitted, if there is original content, GOOGLE will be included in the three day class. Simple reprint or no content of the site will still be included, but the time is generally slow. .CN domain name, whether or not the original content, Baidu included in the general fill in more than 15, there is no original content of the site was rejected a great chance.

has previously seen the site’s SEO article said, search engines for the blog included more friendly.. That should be last year’s blog, when Witkey is in vogue. Today’s search engines don’t have much cold on blogs, especially for.CN domains.

this may be because.CN’s current approach to free policy has resulted in the emergence of large numbers of no content stations and LJ stations. Baidu’s demands for content are almost harsh. We often see someone complaining on the Internet by Baidu K station, personally think that the Baidu K station of several benchmarks are as follows:

1: the site is the standard LJ station. The content is all collection, picture class of the web site most of the picture is outside the chain (this is the attention of the news station, when the news is best to do picture localization).

2: long, no substantial updates. According to my previous experience of standing, it seems that if you haven’t updated your website for about a week or so. Then your top keywords may fall behind.

3: websites are often revised. The frequent updating of the site’s program, and the deletion of the original content of my sub station, is also one of the reasons for Baidu’s "giving up" my website. My other main station domain name, P, reaches 5000+/ days. But at that time, it was a Xiao tou program. The instability of the source forced me to switch to other programs. In the revised half a month later, Baidu was included in the content of the new station, and the depth has not reached the previous level, the web site’s collection has not been fully included.

4: the instability of space and other LJ stations in space can cause search engines, especially Baidu’s "K" station". In my opinion, the performance of Baidu and GOOGLE in this respect, GOOGLE is obviously generous. When the speed is unstable, GOOGLE will be able to come back later, and BAIDU will not be able to wait until the next cycle. This cycle is not always, the average small station is probably a week, and it will be much faster for large websites and popular interactive websites.

so, in my opinion, it is best not to choose the domain name website.CN, when I was in the first two months also submitted several domain names, domain name.COM collected by Google in three days, half a month to be included in Baidu. And the domain name of.CN has not been searched by BAIDU.

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