8 years of nternet experience sharing talking about website innovation and operation

do stop people know spend time on the network is not budget and imagination, I think has been on the Internet for 8 years, their site also do five years, play their own website also has four years of time, before the software school is WEB professional, but is in when I was a sophomore, because the poor at home to take advantage of the summer to doing odd jobs, when looking for a job at the factory, tired and hot, into the factory will know, a month down without the rest of the day, and every day, I would know how to work hard, but no way, the total money class, two months later, back to school, I cherish the time in school, because I don’t want to work so hard in the future, I must learn something.

I found myself on the Internet exploration, establishment of this project in the website, but it is more love, then the school, I have almost no school and spends all his time to the station, after the graduation exam a lot of orders are dead, fortunately there is a live in school a good teacher, through his relationship, I got the diploma.

remember when I first learn on their own in the school the school site, then the school does not have a website, when we should test the professional, I didn’t do the professional thing, but the station I make out, the teacher is very surprised at the time, could not believe that the last school spend a little money to buy the site to me, and put my name to the radio room, so I suddenly became famous, every time to go back to school, there are always mentees to call my teacher, then in order to satisfy their vanity, they should.

after graduation I left the city in the development of reading, to find work more smoothly, because I have a little experience, interview smoothly through, so I have to do now, in this work for these 3 years, I learned a lot, also get a lot of exercise, and now art the less, with my colleagues to mix better students, some have their own company, but good times don’t last long when I heard them to close the door, then I told them the news, business of the company conducted a survey, why not continue to operate, some companies are relatively large, if there is a single, in price all will be relatively high, but the customer is not easy to accept, so the customer churn out, and then a single to do, such as customized website to spend at least a week’s time, so get rid of the cost down, employees Wages outside, a month with this can not do much, but also can not earn money, so that the company will have to face the closure.

with them such experiences and lessons, I also have an understanding of the market, and are analyzed, mainly for small and medium-sized enterprises now do, and companies want to do a website, the price is too high and they can not accept, but the price is too low, the network is not to earn money, so if you want to open this market, price is a big problem, then I think we should know what I mean.


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