Analysis of personal medical website construction and experience

has been in the medical profession for some time, and has some understanding and experience in the construction of medical websites. In fact, with the application of Internet technology, the medical industry is also aware of the importance of the Internet, especially the private hospitals are more aware of the importance of the Internet, have to seize the market, and the competition is fierce, aroused waves like a bloody battle. The author puts forward his own experience according to his own experience.

first: it’s important for the medical profession to do a good job in locating websites,

any successful website should have its own specific market positioning. Do a good job positioning, not only conducive to the construction of the site, but also conducive to promotion. Especially in the private hospital website, more is to do their own positioning, because private hospitals generally do not have it all, there is usually a few outstanding college, plus other professional, then determine the location of your site, to determine their target population, and to other hospital site to distinguish, reduce competition get better ranking and profit.

second: the design and construction of the website should be carried out around the needs of the patients

hospital web site carries the purpose of bringing customers, then the website construction should be based on the surrounding patients. How to obtain the patient’s trust, and how to provide valuable things to the patient, these are reflected in the website column planning and content construction process, the following is a specific analysis.

Construction of

1. column

The construction of

column including hospital survey, hospital news, medical guide, medical technology, the former three is mainly in order to obtain the trust of users, allowing users to understand the situation of hospitals, and the convenience of patients come for medical treatment, and medical technology and hospital departments. According to the classification of medical technology, the introduction of different departments.

The theme style of

2. should be elegant and elegant, and the webpage design should be concise and

The main style of

hospital website should be fresh and elegant. Because the hospital site visitors are mostly patients, quietly elegant tone, easy to make people feel calm and comfortable. Our website adopts the light pink main colors, and the page design is very simple and elegant. Taking into account the speed of browsing the site, we have a large picture of the cutting process, but also gave up all kinds of fancy web effects, as far as possible to take into account the beauty and practicality of the site.

The content of the

3. site is centered on the user’s needs,

for the medical website, the content of the website construction mainly around the various diseases are most concerned about and writing, writing is mainly around the medical technology and treatment, in the premise of the main keywords, continue to dig out the long tail key value, so as to fill the content of the website, but also access more, more important is to provide the information they need for users.


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