Buy hot navigation website want to share a cup of soup

when buy Group website "1000 regiment melee" the situation becomes more and more intense, group buys navigation website to also have smoke of gunpowder to diffuse. The day before, just on the line soon ah group group purchase website navigation group revealed that has been a round of angel financing, this is the second since the number of group purchase website favored by the capital, the first group purchase website navigation early investment.

According to incomplete statistics,

Internet consulting agencies, as of the end of July 2010, the number of Chinese group purchase website has been close to 1000, while the "group purchase navigation" has reached nearly 100. As the group purchase website information collection and integration, but also provide convenient and fast initial entrance navigation site for group purchase group purchase group purchase consumers, to rewrite the pattern of the market, affecting the whole industry chain at the same time, there are also problems, such as lack of supervision of mercenary.

should be massive group purchase information and

since earlier this year, after the U.S. group net, 24 coupon and F group of group purchase website online, in just a few months, has appeared in various fields from different backgrounds: portals such as Sohu group purchase game player, Sina launched the group purchase channel, Tencent will soon bear lonely, opened in Shenzhen then, the regional group purchase information classification; such as site 58 city, love to help network, public comment, comment website reputation and Fantong also joined the ranks, and their businesses rely on resource advantage then catch up; then, the more the Beijing News, 1000 rubber group, China cup has a variety of advantages and background of the game player is not far behind to join in the competition has entered the white hot.

in this case, users will begin to receive countless Group buy mail began to worry. Because users every day at least Quweicunzhen in nearly a thousand group purchase information, choose what you love. With the more accurate user needs, the most obvious manifestation is the demand for navigation. Buy navigation website is like a "consumer guide", so that users can more directly find what they need to buy concessions. Throw aside the mess that buys a website now, do not say, the establishment of group buying website is relatively easy, the cost of a station, several thousand yuan, add a few people to be able to work normally. And group buying site and Group buy navigation site, but so.

according to the reporter, in addition to the navigation website group purchase group purchase included the site, also provide a platform for the network group purchase to publish their own information or group purchase automatic acquisition through the interface, will be the day of the group purchase the latest product information display on the website, so the network group purchase does not require a separate time to log in and release information. In this way, not only to attract a large number of group purchase website to join, but also to attract consumers to patronize, because users want to find a cheaper or suitable group purchase products, always do not want a website to see, this is not only a waste of time and can’t remember so many of the group purchase station, so users are more interested in the navigation station for group purchase goods to find their own love.

reportedly, the initial group buying navigation network is generally used in the home page 4 lines per grid navigation, buy website text and pictures, but also the use of each line 1

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