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promotion program is based on their own website and formulate, say simply, is how to make your website more people know, let more people come to your website, to your own web site to register. Only in this way can you let people know about your product or enhance your company’s popularity. The next step is to analyze the promotion steps.

1, locate

site positioning is a direction for website promotion. You can know what kind of website you build for your site, and you can also do more to enrich your website according to this location. The first impression is that the site is very professional.

two, extension method

1., soft, soft, the purpose is to let a new site, in the shortest possible time to give a preliminary impression, let a person know there is such a web site. Low cost.

The advantage of

2. search engine paid search is that the site you have built has a better ranking than your competitors. High costs, when their own site has a certain reputation, you can use artificial technology to optimize the site, the relative cost will be reduced.

3. answers to such promotion requires us to answer, is to choose their own product information consistent with the questions to answer. It makes people know exactly what this website (the company) does. Now popular several question and answer website, Baidu know, Sina love ask, YAHOO knowledge hall, SOSO ask.

4. Links according to the nature of the site, to choose some related websites Links swap, its role is, can exchange links, improve product visibility, but also bring a valid user. Can improve website weight, improve product keywords in search engine rankings.

three, flow analysis,

traffic analysis is to make yourself know that users enter their own website, which stays in the pages of the web site or what type of product, this also allows us to optimize promotion of website or website product better.

customized programs are based on their own circumstances to do, and effective programs to allow yourself to get good returns, there is nothing more perfect, but also hope to learn and exchange with you.

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