Every time a day collected by Baidu method

first, I was a rookie, but recently seen a lot of theory, at the beginning of the practice, at the same time I started pondering 5 independent blog recently, of course is to start selling products, before we know some network marketing, but there is no recent operation, ruthless determination but do poineering station.

when my website domain name for the record of a successful one after another, I immediately began to think of ways to let Baidu and search engine included, I have seen many methods, what to the weight of the high trust website to make the hair of the chain, seduce spider ah, to be honest, I also can seduce a woman, seduce spider I do not have much confidence, I will follow the way to master the door, wave Hing opened a blog to Baidu to open space, so my first website a few days later, I was in Baidu in my collection to add my site, the second days immediately included, of course I don’t know what I do get up, anyway, I think I’m doing these are certainly useful, the master began to arise spontaneously psychological worship, second of my website for the record, I just add a URL in Baidu I wishlists,. Fruit second days, Baidu immediately included, of course this time, GOOGLE and Sogou, YAHOO have no response.

I immediately realized that might this one a little mystery, so I in the next 3 sites, began to do the test, 3 websites I started are on the small part of the contents, and the first two are the same, I began to do third sites outside the chain to seduce spider in Xing wave and Baidu and other famous sites, I just do a Baidu wishlists the same day fourth of my website, the results of the second day, Baidu included fourth of my website, GOOGLE and Sogou, YAHOO is still no response, so after 4 days of appearance, third of my website or not Baidu included, of course has been included the GOOGLE, so I put my third sites and fifth sites at the same time, Baidu added to my collection, was on my mind, second days, two websites are Baidu included.

many times master who say GOOGLE included much faster than Baidu, but I have to do these tests, Baidu is much faster than GOOGLE, a lot of people are not difficult to see, Baidu or for their children’s preference.

I said, I’m a rookie, my summary only these, after the collection of experience, there is no, and first share with you here.

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