Group loan network CEO Tang Jun friends with Shi Yuzhu

lead: in 2009, to the present, before I know Shi Yuzhu, the company’s staff of less than 50 people, today our company has more than 620 people.

was born in 1987, the group loan network CEO Tang Jun, he founded the P2P website group loan network, this year will be on the new three board. At the age of 30 New Year Carnival Festival and entrepreneurial upstart entrepreneur 8th anniversary anniversary, he will share with you how to make friends with Shi Yuzhu.

[dry extract] Tang Jun:

after 85 entrepreneurs, some focus on the connections above, some focus on the products above, some focus on the search for VC and angel investors above, this is undergoing a process of each stage of the business people must.

I went to Shanghai Shi Yuzhu in early 2012, I do not know the history of the total spend 1 billion 500 million to build a garden style building at the time, saw the giant network of two storey office building No. more than 100 employees, 100 computer, I think about 5000000000 dollars when the giant network listed on the NYSE in the U.S. market this No. more than 100, but it was only a customer service center, but very touched to me. I felt at the time that it would be too difficult to be an entrepreneur in a traditional industry. When I see the history of Corporation, co-founder to send a text message to say, we have to do the Internet, then we want to know only loans, can make loans with the Internet together, then I think that we can do group purchase, loan corporation, the way the moment I take a taxi to take the name of the group lending network. After that, we slowly and slowly explore and explore the group loan network to do. In 2012, when P2P was early, it was relatively easy. At that time, I didn’t know how to spread it. I didn’t know how to build up, nor did I know how to serve our users. The team was only more than 20.

I see the finished

in 2012 after Shi Yuzhu, today we have more than 600 employees, users have also evolved from the original 1000 to now more than 940 thousand users, from the first day of trading volume of hundreds of thousands, until now the highest single day trading volume of 71 million, the cumulative transaction amount of more than 4 billion 300 million more than 2 years. We also won the 2013 A round of financing 100 million yuan, but the A round of financing with you may be somewhat different, we are especially grassroots generation, read a broken three, three now the graduation certificate has not come. When we started our business, we were in a mysterious place – Dongguan. So the attention is not high, take VC and so on a series, at the earliest time, certainly not our dish.

but today is also very confused, today we are doing B round of financing, we missed the VC take the stage, because in today’s scale and the valuation of the company, the whole team including revenue, some comprehensive data, we passed several accounting firms and law firms of the kernel, has been reported to the new board materials in the industry, the valuation and financing scale, almost all – >

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