The awesome fact Taobao magical old farmers live video marketing

news process commonly used "facts" reported practices, refers to the reporter in carefully selected news reports after the fact, use news technology suitable treatment method (such as video, audio, etc.) is naturally a faithful record of the original news events, cause, process, results showed a kind of news reporting to the audience: this news report, news reports are cleverly hidden in the standpoint of his chosen reported incident, let the news news infection audience, so as to achieve the good effect of the news reports at the sound of silence "," speak with facts "news reports in the most favorable is a wild animal wildlife documentary.


speaks with facts, Chen Shiyou’s ecological tea garden live (network video screenshot)

due to "speak with facts" news reporting does not attempt to report the position effect of news audience; reports believe that judgment on the facts of news news and cognitive ability, a faithful record of his only progress news events and events after the excavation, themselves deep in the news, let the audience themselves the judgment, so as to achieve better effect of news media.

in fact, "speak with facts" is not only the news media’s patent, marketing enterprises can also refer to the "facts" news practices, a variety of real production daily scene through the display of all kinds of ordinary users of rare, unique production process and their technological standards, win the recognition and trust of users. Finally, to promote the sales and marketing to build reputation.

for enterprise marketing and news reports have the same point of view, identity is also "text to distant talking, but news reports should arouse news audience value of news reports, so the two are needed to achieve the potential audience (users) of the trust (so news authenticity) – today is" over the age of publicity marketing only advertising "," said that only the potential audience of more sales will be more "traditional marketing concept of revulsion, lack of trust – this is the emphasis on" what you see is what you get "the network marketing can not avoid the" Achilles heel".

In the face of such a predicament

trust, network marketing business if you can make the contents of the "facts" technique situation, their "marketing selling point" consciousness hidden in the daily production scene, let their potential users determine the product of marketing is not good enough ", give full play to the network marketing" what you see is the "features, not only can effectively avoid the consumer marketing" is not sticky gum, if not sweet ", but also dislike life clever occasion deeply ingrained" seeing is believing "habit of mental set, to better achieve their marketing objective.


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