Students webmaster please don’t overestimate the webmaster Entrepreneurship

online impetuous atmosphere, the myth of the Internet upstart a few years ago, has now caused Internet entrepreneurs crazy, so there are so many students full-time webmaster, webmaster, I still want to say don’t overestimate Adsense venture.

now many people do web sites are holding the goal of "overnight wealth" into the industry, this idea is very impetuous at the beginning, the operation is not good, but counterproductive. Now online publicity what learn SEO, ten thousand month, I do not know who dare to play so that, SEO is a constantly changing, learning is also a SEO often learn new things, can be said to be SEO to learn without limit.

Now many webmaster

tell say that as long as there is a telephone line, a computer, you can start SOHO life, I is really very helpless, now the Internet technology improvement is indeed lower the become a webmaster threshold, fool like blogs like CMS, so that we become webmaster has become a very simple thing. It seems that the Internet business has become a very simple and fast.

however we face the fact that the increasing waste site, site acquisition rampant, a number of sites fell, a number of websites are coming up, a number of owners had to leave, a number of webmaster pianpian. Please face the failure of the webmaster, please do not overestimate the webmaster business, it is better to hobby good. Also add: "the website has risk, investment please careful.".

about stationmaster, I admire this word very much: do stand honestly, behave honestly.

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