Operational crisis and operational strategy of Witkey websites in China

so far, the Witkey members of the domestic Witkey websites have accumulated more than 40 million. Among them, all kinds of new Witkey websites have also come to be more and more, while Witkey’s mode has changed and innovation, but the mode of "paying a reward" is still the main mode of operation. In the current network services become more and more prosperous, the demand is more and more big, many large, medium and small enterprises have their own network outsourcing services to Witkey website. Among them, the large enterprises take a fancy to the broad private view of Witkey network, and the small and medium-sized ones are placed on the Witkey network with more choices and less inputs because of the limitation of human resources and their own operating costs. Because of the low threshold of Witkey participation, the conflicts between various labor relations and Witkey agents are becoming increasingly apparent, and there will be some operational crisis.

operation crisis one, Witkey participate in "reward task", labor achievements can not guarantee

ironically, each Witkey website has its own claims to have hundreds of thousands or even millions, tens of millions of members, but specific to the specific tasks issued by the employer Witkey, participate in the manuscript submission service Witkey membership but most of them only a dozen people, and most of them lack more professional. Some employers are often duped when they get such services. Without knowing that, in addition to this kind of cheap competition way itself disturb the market order, the biggest reason is that the labor achievement of Witkey participating in the reward task can not be guaranteed safely. According to some senior Witkey customers, employers are able to evade payment of rewards in various ways after they publish their tasks and achieve satisfactory results. For example, registration vest, choose their own or friends of the manuscript, and individual Witkey collusion, wind, bounty, etc.. Witkey websites do not have a more effective way to prevent such cheating.

operating crisis two, cheap competition led to professional Witkey members have left

2010, in a well-known domestic Witkey online, has earned ten thousand yuan reward of a Witkey member, but announced that he will leave the Witkey network. He confided to disrupt the market order of Witkey mode, leading members to earn "labor remuneration Witkey", and the meager profits. For example, in a model, if ten members submit the manuscript, it will eventually get paid only one member, other members of the manuscript are wasted, in the course of time, leading to the professional members no longer willing to provide "free" manuscript and have independent portal. In addition, some Witkey networks strictly prohibit members from making "blank drafts". They must stipulate that they will be required to solicit their employers after completing the creative work. This will further increase the task of offering a reward and the professional participation of the professionals.

operation crisis three, Witkey website lacks fair intermediary audit mechanism

in a well-known domestic Witkey online, announced several options for Witkey membership violations, but few violations of the employer’s effective punishment mechanism, which exposed the Witkey mode is not mature operation mechanism. In addition, there are some opaque reward checking mechanisms, such as the lack of orders for individual tasks

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